How to Create an Unreserved Seating Plan

Nicola Bierton
Nicola Bierton
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In Spektrix you can have both Unreserved and/or Reserved Seating Plans. This article will show you how to create an Unreserved Seating Plan to use when building Events.

In this article we’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate to the Seating Plans section of Spektrix
  • Understand how each section of building the Plan works
  • Build an Unreserved Seating plan
  • Make any required amendments

TIP: To request a new Reserved Seating Plan, you will need to complete the Seating Plan request form.

Before starting, make sure:  

  1. You have created the Price Band Overlays that you intend to use
  2. You have created the desired Locks you intend to use


Building Your Unreserved Plan

On your Spektrix system, head to Admin > Seating > Seating Plans. This is where you'll find your Seating Plans once they're built and added to your system. 

TIP:  When naming your new Seating Plan, be as descriptive as possible. You might want to include that it's an unreserved plan in the title so that you know you can use it for future Unreserved Events.

To start building, Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Add’.  A new page will open.

You’ll need to fill in a number of details to create your new Unreserved Seating Plan. 

REMINDER: Fields marked with a red line on the left hand side are mandatory.



Basic Details

First, you'll need to start with the Basic Details.



You will find free text boxes for:

  • Spektrix Name - this is a unique name for that version of the plan, which will help you identify it when building new event instance
  • Description - an optional space to offer extra internal information. This will display on your main list of Seating Plans 
  • Name (for Sales/Web) - this is the name that your customers and Box Office staff will see - it doesn’t need to be unique
  • Venue - the venue that the Seating Plan will be attached to
  • Maximum Capacity - this is the maximum number you could ever seat in the venue


WARNING - Maximum Capacity: You need to set this number as the absolute Maximum Capacity for your venue. For example, If your venue seats 500 people, but you only use 300 seats regularly, make sure you set the maximum capacity as 500. This allows you to increase the capacity if you need to without having to build a brand new plan. You can hide any extra seats with a Layout Overlay.

Layout and Price Band Overlays

Next, fill in the required information for Layout and Price Band Overlays.

  • Layout Overlay Name - Ensure your names are clear and differentiate the types of Layout you will be using. This is a mandatory field.
  • Number of Masked Seats - this is also mandatory and will be the number of Seats you are hiding from view. seats you are wanting to mask (hide) from view. 


Visit our Creating a Layout Overlay article to learn more on building Layout Overlays.

  • Price Band Overlay Name - Ensure the name is clear and differentiates from other Price Band Overlays you have. This is a mandatory field.
  • Price Band - select the Price Band that you want attached to that Seating Plan - remember you can only choose one.

REMINDER:  You can only have one Price Band attached to an Unreserved Seating Plan.

You can learn more about these on our How to Create and Edit Price Band Overlays Support Article.


Lock Overlays

The Locks overlay section is the final step in building your Unreserved plan. Here you can create a clear naming convention for the Locks you are attaching to the Seating Plan.

If you don’t have any  Lock Types yet, you can use our How to Create and Edit Lock Overlays article before adding Locks to your Seating Plan.



Below the Name, you can add the number required for each necessary Lock Type into each applicable box. 

For example, you may need 4 Wheelchair spaces, 6 House seats and 4 Technical Seats.

Once you have finalised adding the information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ‘Add’

This will return you to the master list of Seating Plans, with your newest plan at the bottom. 



Renaming your Seating Plan

Once your Unreserved Seating Plan has been created, you may need to change its name. To do this:

  • Find the Seating Plan you want to update
  • Click ‘Rename’
  • Update the name of the Seating Plan
  • Click ‘Save’


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