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Seating Plans are an essential element in selling tickets via Spektrix, as every event – no matter how simple – needs a Seating Plan. Not only can they allow your customers to choose exactly where they want to sit, but you can also use Seating Plans to provide all sorts of useful details about accessibility, restricted views, or any other information you want your customers to be aware of. 

You can create simple unreserved Seating Plans yourself, but for everything else we’ll need to build bespoke plans for you. Whether you want a brand new Seating Plan or a change made to an existing one, let us know what you need by filling in the form below with as much detail as you can provide and we’ll see what we can do. However, before you make your request, please read through the following sections about what to include on the form.

Details - diagrams and supporting information

Whatever the Seating Plan you’re requesting, whether it’s an edit or a brand new Plan, the more information you can give us up front, the more likely it is we’ll be able to get your Plan created and set up on your system nice and quickly! There are a few things to think about in particular, which we’ve broken down below. 

If you have more than one Seating Plan that you need to have built, then please submit a separate form for each Plan. This allows multiple members of the team to work on the requests and helps us to build your Plans quicker.

NOTE: if you miss out any of this information, it might delay the process of getting your request into our Seating Plan queue as we need this information before we can start building anything.

The most important thing we need is documentation showing the layout of the venue you want a Seating Plan for, including the following things:

  • The placement of all the reserved seats needed for the Plan
  • Row letters and seat numbers for all reserved seats
  • Names and capacities of unreserved areas
    • We suggest that you request a larger capacity than you actually need, as seats can always be locked/masked using Seating Plan Overlays if they’re not being used and having more available gives you the flexibility to add spaces if necessary
  • Where the stage or performance area is – if there is one! 
    • Also what the orientation of the Plan should be, i.e. whether the stage should be at the top or the bottom (or elsewhere)
  • If there are multiple areas, where they're placed in relation to each other (e.g. where the Stalls are in relation to the Circle), and what each area should be called (each will need a unique name)

These diagrams are best sent to us either in PDF or Excel format. 

If you have any other photos or diagrams of the space, please also feel free to upload those or send us a link to them, as they can be useful in helping us make the Plan as close to the actual venue layout as possible.

A few other things:

  • Clearly demonstrate which text labels from your diagrams need to be included on the finished Plan, i.e. entrances, exits, etc.
  • If you need a Seating Plan for an unusual layout (for example, one that includes tables), please make sure you tell us exactly how you would like the seats displayed/labelled 
  • If you would like a Seating Plan to match your branding, let us know if you there are any specific colours or fonts that you would like us to use – and preferably provide a file of these fonts if they’re non-standard
  • If you’d like an overview image on your Plan (i.e. clickable boxes to access each area), please send the image you’d like to be used as the overview, or clearly describe the design you’d like

Depending on whether you’re requesting a brand new Plan or a change to an existing Plan, here are a final few suggestions:

  • If you’re requesting a change to an existing Plan:
    • Make sure you clearly mark all of the changes on your documentation so that we can easily see what needs amending. Having a plan that’s different but that has no indication of what needs to be changed often leads to errors creeping in
    • Include the exact name of the current Plan as it appears in the Admin Interface, so that we know which one to work on
  • For brand new Seating Plans:
    • Let us know what you would like us to name the Plan, and which venue it’s for
    • If the venue doesn't yet exist on your system, please make sure that you create it in the Admin Interface before submitting the form

Due date

In order to help us get your Seating Plan built, please let us know the ideal date that you would like it ready for, bearing in mind that we normally require two weeks to complete a new reserved seating Plan, or one week for a new unreserved Plan. 

We'll try our best to get your Plan built and added to your system for when you need it, but please be aware that we do get a large number of Seating Plan requests, and the more complex the Seating Plan, the longer it can take.

If you have an urgent request, or you would like to discuss the specifics of what you need, please get in touch with the Support team to discuss what might be possible. 


Click on the link below to open the form in a new tab:

Seating Plan Request form

Completing the form will create a Support ticket as normal, and someone from the Support team will be in touch to keep you up to date with progress.


If you have any further questions about requesting Seating Plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.

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