Searching for Agency API Orders

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Rachael Norris
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Whether you work with Agencies through the Agency API, you can follow the same steps to find Orders made by Agencies on your system.

REMINDER: This article is for retrieving information about Orders made via the Agency API.

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Details Supplied by Agent

Orders made via the Agency API appear alongside any of the other orders on your system. 

You can identify Orders made by the Agency API by the green contact icon with the orange ticket in the background. 

When an Agent processes a transaction through the API, they have the option to add some details about the customer to the Order. You can view and search for this information on your system. 


The information which Agents can add includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • First line of Address
  • Agent Order Reference


Providing that the Agent you are working with supplies this information, you can then use this to search for Orders on your system.


Searching for Orders

Navigate to the Sales Interface > Orders to search for the Orders made by Agents using the API.

REMINDER: Always search for Agency Orders using the Order search tab. Searching using the Customer search tab won’t work because all Agent sales are processed with the Agent as the customer.

You can use the information about the customer to search in the relevant field. 

Click the green plus icon to show the Advanced Search options.

  • Use the Customer Name box to search for First Name or Last Name. Search using the Last Name, First Name format. You can also search with just part of the name, for example, La, Na.
  • Use the Customer Address box to search for the First line of Address.
  • Use the Order Number box to search for the Agent Order Reference.

In this example, we have used the details of the customer who purchased through the Agent to search to find the Order. The customer appears with the green contact icon and you can see Sold by Agency in the preview.

REMINDER: Your ability to search for Agency Orders with the details of a Customer depends on the Agent having supplied this information.


Sales and Recent Transactions

Agency Orders are also visible in the View Sales option under the Actions drop down button in the Sales Interface:


And in Recent Transactions:


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