Access Control and Ticket Scanners - An Introduction

Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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This article looks at the basics of how ticket scanners work with Spektrix, and guide you through the different documentation that’s available on installing, using and troubleshooting scanners.

How does scanning work with Spektrix?

Unlike ticket printers, chip & PIN machines and cash drawers, scanners don’t require the use of the Box Office App. They act as input devices, sending information to Spektrix in the form of barcode information, so there’s no need for any other software between Spektrix and a scanner.

Some key considerations for scanning in Spektrix:


You need to make sure that you’re printing barcodes on your tickets, as without these you won’t have anything to scan! You can print barcodes on standard, physical tickets as well as Print at Home tickets.

Adding barcodes to your tickets is really easy, you just need to insert them into your Ticket Designs. See this article for more information on how to do this.

You don’t have to add barcodes to Print at Home tickets, but we wouldn’t recommend using Print at Home functionality without barcodes as customers can potentially print the same ticket out multiple times. Even if you’re not scanning tickets, having barcodes on them implies a level of security that can often be an effective deterrent to anyone considering trying to get into a venue without a valid ticket.

NOTE: If you’re adding barcodes to your Print at Home tickets, before you start issuing tickets, it’s always worth:

  • Making a test print and checking that the barcode can be reliably scanned
  • Testing it scans when open as an attachment on a device


You also need the scanners themselves; depending on which scanners you have, some of these require additional elements including mobile phones to access the internet (and therefore the Spektrix Scanning Interface), phone holders to keep the phones linked to the scanners, charging cradles, etc.

We currently support the following scanners:


  • Saveo Bolt
  • Zebra TC21
  • Zebra TC26


  • Saveo Bolt
  • Janam XT30

UK/ROI clients can purchase scanners and associated accessories directly from Spektrix, while US/CAN clients should get in touch with the Support team to discuss purchasing them. We don’t provide mobile phones to use with Saveo scanners but these are available from any phone retailer. 

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need if you’re using Saveo scanners:

  • Saveo Bolt scanner 
  • Saveo phone holder
    • There are two versions of this depending on which model of phone you have. Please let us know which generation of phone you are going to use, so that we can order the correct size holder.
  • An Android phone with USB On-The-Go support (we recommend that you use the Motorola MOTO G handset)

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need if you’re using Zebra scanners:

  • Zebra TC21 or TC26 scanner
  • Zebra USB-C Cable
  • Zebra Power Supply (optional)

NOTE: there are additional accessories available with the Zebra Scanners that you can order through Spektrix. Please get in touch with the Support team if you would like more information about these accessories.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need if you’re using Janam scanners:

  • Janam XT30 scanner
  • Single-slot USB / Charging Cradle Kit
  • Charging Adaptor

You’ll generally need at least one scanner for each entrance to your venue. Depending on your venue, and how entrance to the auditorium works, you may decide that you need more than one per entrance.

Please contact the Spektrix Support team for the current prices on the scanners and accessories, as they’re subject to change.

In addition to the hardware mentioned above, you’ll need a reliable and dedicated (i.e. not public) WiFi connection at all locations where scanning will be taking place – contact your IT support team if you’re unsure about this.

Software - the Spektrix Scanning Interface
The last thing you need is access to the Scanning Interface in Spektrix. There’s no additional cost to this, and it’s accessed in much the same way as the rest of Spektrix - it’s a web page just like the other Interfaces. You can access this Interface by following this URL:

Where it says CLIENTID you need add in your organisation’s client ID instead - if you don’t know what that is, you can find it by logging into Spektrix and looking at the URL in the address bar of your browser. Look for what comes immediately after  - that’s your client ID.

You log into the Scanning Interface using your normal Spektrix login details - you’ll need to have the Scanning User role on your account to be able to do this. If you’re not sure whether you have that, check with someone in your organisation or give the Spektrix Support team a call.

Here’s where to go next…
This article is very much an introduction to scanners and Spektrix, and we’ve got a range of articles designed to help you understand how they work in more detail, especially in terms of installation and troubleshooting.

We suggest that you work through these articles in order if you’re new to scanners and Spektrix, or skip ahead to what’s most relevant to you if you’re looking for something in particular.


If you have any further questions about scanners, or anything else, please do contact the Spektrix Support team who will be happy to help.