The Partner Companies Interface

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The Partner Companies Interface can be used to grant access to scheduled Reports or Customers Lists to people from outside of your organisation.

You can learn more about how to schedule Reports or Customer Lists in the following articles:

In this article, we will cover:


What is the Partner Companies Interface?

The Partner Companies Interface is designed to enable you to share specific Customer Lists and Reports with people outside of the Spektrix users within your organisation. That is anyone who doesn't have an existing Spektrix login for your system - this can be someone from a different part of your organisation, or someone from a different organisation.

This can be especially useful to organisations working with external companies such as promoters or producers. 

When you create either a Report Schedule or a Customer List Schedule you'll choose whether they Run as a Schedule or On Demand.

TIP: You need to choose at least one of these options for your Schedule to work, but you can pick both if you want to enable both options.

  • Run on a schedule - this will allow you to automate the delivery of a Report or Customer List (via a download link or attachment) to members of your team, or external partners such as promoters and producers. 

REMINDER: Users don’t need a Partner Companies Interface log in to receive Reports as attachments but sometimes if a Report becomes too large in file size it will send as a download link which they will need to log into the Partner Companies Interface to access. Customer Lists will always send as a download link.

  • Run on demand - allows you to give external partners permission to run a Report or Customer List that has been assigned to them at any time using the Partner Companies Interface.

TIP: If you’re sharing data with Partner Companies, you might also want to set up Partner Companies Contact Preferences.

For anyone inside or outside of your organisation to access an on demand or scheduled Report or Customer List via the Partner Companies Interface they’ll need to have the Collect Report user role.


How to Set Up Customer List Schedules and Report Schedules

You can learn more about how to schedule Reports or Customer Lists in the following articles:

WARNING: When adding in email addresses for users to receive Customer List or Report Schedules, both on demand or as a schedule, make sure the email address you enter exactly matches the email address of their Spektrix User Account. This is case sensitive.


User Roles

Existing system users will need a specific user role added to their User Account. 

Anyone outside of your organisation or without a Spektrix account can be set up with a login that grants them access only to their Reports or Customer Lists assigned to them through the schedule.

Existing Spektrix users

To make sure an existing Spektrix user can download Reports or Customer Lists from either a link or the Partner Companies Interface, you'll need to amend their User Account. 

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings Interface > Users > User Accounts.

  • Select the existing user you want to update. At this stage you can also create a new user for people within your organisation who you want to grant access to the system. Creating a new user is not recommended for parters who are outside of your organisation.
  • Under the Roles section, check the box marked Collect Report.
  • Click the Save User Account button.

Users from outside your organisation

For people outside of your organisation you can set up a User Account that only has the Collect Report User Role. 

To set this up, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Insights & Mailings > Report Schedules or Customer Schedules > Users. 
  • Select the Add button to set up a new User Account with only the Collect Reports user role.

  • Fill in the details remembering to match their email address with the one used in the Schedule.
    When you set a password, communicate the password to the user in person – never write down or email passwords. 

TIP: If someone forgets their password, you can click on the Change Password link next to their name in the list of Collect Report Users.


How to find the Partner Companies Interface

You can find your Partner Companies Interface by updating the following URL with your client name:


If you're not sure what your client name is, you can easily find it by logging in to Spektrix and looking at the address bar at the top of your browser window:


When the user goes to the Partner Companies Interface URL, they will see a log in screen and will be prompted to enter their user name and password.


Running Reports and Customer Lists

Once logged in, any Reports or Customer Lists which have been made available on demand to that user will show up in a list under either the Reports or the Customer List tab. 

A user will need to select the Run button alongside the Customer List or Report, they want to run.

The download will then appear in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Running a Report from PC interface.PNG

It’s not possible for Collect Report Users to amend their Reports or Customer Lists. They will run as they have been set up in the Schedule and using the specific output method you have chosen (e.g. PDF, unformatted Excel). Make this clear to anyone running on demand Customer Lists or Reports via the Partner Companies Interface so that they are aware. 


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