Adding and Editing Users

Harry Brett-Jones
Harry Brett-Jones
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To use Spektrix, you need to have a User Account. Each user requires their own unique username and password which can be set with the appropriate access privileges. In this article we're going to take a look at how to set up and edit users, and explain the various user roles and what they allow users to access.

You can find all of the user-specific settings in the Settings Interface under the Users tab on the menu:


NOTE: We're going to be referring to the new UI of the Settings Interface throughout this article.

User roles

There are a range of different user roles available, each of which provides different levels of access to different parts of the Spektrix system. Generally speaking, the various User-level roles provide basic access to the relevant part of the system, while the Administrator-level roles allow greater access.  

  • General Administrator: allows access to all of the functionality in the Admin Interface. This is generally intended for users who set up events
  • Collect Report: allows users to download reports from links sent to them in scheduled reports and in the Partner Companies Interface. On its own, this role does not grant access to any other part of the system
  • Opportunities Administrator: allows full access and configuration of the Opportunities Interface
  • Opportunities User: allows access to the Opportunities Interface. Users can't edit settings
  • Insights & Mailings Administrator: allows full access to Insights & Mailings, including the ability to edit global segments and restrict folders in the List Explorer
  • Insights & Mailings User: allows access to Insights & Mailings. Users can't edit lists contained within restricted folders in the Customer List Explorer or any Global Segments
  • Can view and edit protected data: allows users to view and edit Attributes that have been marked as protected. Without this role, any protected Attributes will appear as blank in the system and reports
  • Sales Administrator: allows full access to the Sales Interface and the ability to authorise a Sales user to perform a restricted action
  • Sales User: allows access to the Sales Interface. Users can only perform actions that are not protected in the Restricted Access section (see below). If a user needs to perform a restricted action, a Sales Administrator must authorise it
  • Scanning User: allows users to log into the Spektrix Scanning Interface
  • Settings Administrator: provides access to the Settings Interface, which allows users to configure new users, set up restricted actions and configure the Spektrix system
  • Web Integration Administrator: allows access to the Website Admin Interface. Users can access resources (such as style sheets), as well as the API key and iframe controls. This is intended for web developers and gives no other access to the system

WARNING: When creating new users with admin access for Interfaces, make sure you also register them as a user for that Interface, otherwise they will not be able to log in.


Restricted access
There are various actions in Spektrix which can be restricted so that they can only be performed by a user with an Administrator role. You can see these actions under Users > User Roles, broken down into five tabs:


  • General Actions: standard actions in the Sales Interface, including overriding, refunding, re-printing and un-printing tickets, and running standard reports from the Events screen
  • Custom Payment Types: the ability to take payments using any of the Custom Payment Types that are set up on your system
  • Ticket Types: the ability to sell any of the Ticket Types set up on your system
  • Custom Reports in the Sales Interface: access to any custom reports that have been set to be available in the Sales Interface
  • Lock Types: the ability to sell any of the Lock Types set up on your system

Each action or item has a toggle switch next to it, under the label Enforce. Switch any of these to green to restrict that action to those with an Administrator role.

Adding users

To add a new user, click the New User Account button at the top right of the screen. You will need the Settings Administrator user role in order to do this:

Fill in the required information and select the user roles that you want to give access to.

  • Username: a unique name which the user will use to log in
  • Full name: the user's full name
  • Email address: the user's email address - this must be a valid email address and is used for various purposes:
    • Alerts when your password changes
    • Alerts if an integrated mailing you've set up fails to send
    • Emails containing a link to the CSV when you set up a standard mailing
  • Password: set a password for the user. This must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number and at least one non-alphanumeric character (e.g. ‘!' or ‘.')
    • Users should reset their password the first time they log in
  • Confirm password: re-enter the password to confirm it
  • This User Account is active: make sure you tick this to activate the user

Click Create User Account to add the user to the system – they will be able to log in immediately.

Editing Users

To edit an existing user, click on their name in the left-hand Username column on the User Accounts screen:


You can add or remove Roles any time you need to, and likewise amend the Full name and Email address fields. The only field you can't amend is Username.

If a member of staff leaves your organisation, you should make sure you deactivate their account – just edit the User and un-tick the This User Account is active option.

NOTE: users can't be deleted, only made inactive. Click the Show Inactive User Accounts toggle to display all users – you'll see a new column appear called Active, with a toggle switch for each user. You can use this to deactivate/reactivate users from this page.

Changing passwords
Users can change their own passwords from the Control Panel in any part of Spektrix, but if you need to change a user's password for them, you can do this by selecting the user and clicking on the Change Password tab on the left-hand side:

NOTE: for security reasons, the Spektrix Support team are not able to change passwords for your users.

Unlocking users
If a user has entered the incorrect password too many times, their account will be locked. To unlock a user, just click on the padlock icon in the far-right column of their account:


Bcc email address
If a user has either of the Opportunities User or Opportunities Administrator roles on their account, you will also see a tab on the left-hand side for Bcc Email Address when you edit their account:

From here you can generate an email address which this user can then use to create new Activities through emails they send, by Bccing to their Spektrix system using this generated email address. When they email someone from their own email account and Bcc this emal address, an Activity will be logged in Opportunities against that customer, and include the body of the email as well.

NOTE: the email generated here will take the format bccspektrix-<clientname>-<unique random key> where <clientname> is your Spektrix system name, and <unique random key> is a random series of digits.

For more information on Bcc Emails, have a read of this article.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team if you have further questions about anything covered in this article.