Adding Reports to the Sales Interface

Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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In this article, we’ll cover how to add Reports to the Sales Interface. 

By adding Reports into the Sales Interface you can have easy access to Reports you run regularly. It also allows users who only have access to the Sales Interface to run selected Reports. 

REMINDER: To add a Report to the Sales Interface, you’ll need the Insights and Mailings Admin User Role.


How to add Reports to the Sales Interface

Navigate to the Insights and Mailings Interface to find the Report you want to add.

First, you’ll need to identify if the Report you want to add is a Standard or Custom Report.

Standard Reports, with the blue toolbox icon, must be copied before they can be added to the Sales Interface. You can skip this step for Custom Reports which appear with a paper icon.

  • How to copy a Standard Report Find the Standard Report you want to copy. Expand the Report by clicking the green plus icon.

    Click the Copy Report button to create a copy of the Standard Report.



    Your copied Report will appear in the Report Explorer below the original with - Copy at the end of the name.



    1. Find the Report you want to add to the Sales Interface. This should be a custom report or a Standard Report that you have copied.
    2. Expand the Report by clicking the green plus icon.
    3. Click the Edit Report button.
    4. Check the box marked Make available in the sales interface?


        • How to Lock Reports to Sales Administrators only

          You can also choose to lock the Report to only be run by those with the Sales Administrator User Role.

          To do this, click the padlock icon. When the padlock appears closed, this locks the Report to only be used by Sales Administrators. When the padlock is open, this Report can be run by anyone in the Sales Interface.


          If someone without Sales Administrator permissions tries to run the Report from the Sales Interface, they will be prompted to enter the username and password of someone with a Sales Administrator User Role.

        • Make sure you save your changes to the Report by clicking the Save button when you have finished.

Running Reports from the Sales Interface

Once you have made your Report available in the Sales Interface, follow the steps below to find and run it.

Navigate to the Sales Interface > Other > Reports. Reports which you have made available in the Sales Interface will appear here.



          • Click the Run button to show the available Criteria Sets.

TIP: This list will stay up to date with any new Criteria Sets which are created against this Report.

          • You will then be prompted to set the parameters for the Criteria Set. For example, if the Criteria Set is By Instance Start Date, you will be prompted to enter the date range. 
          • Click Run as PDF or if you prefer a different format, select the drop down next to the Run as PDF button to select your preferred file type.

Run as PDF by Instance Start Date.png


For more information about running Reports, take a look at the How to Run a Report article.


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