Navigating Spektrix

Jessica Abejar
Jessica Abejar
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In this article we will guide you through the different areas or interfaces of Spektrix and how to navigate between them.

VIDEO: Jump ahead to our Navigating Spektrix video for a guided walkthrough of this process.


The Spektrix Interfaces

Spektrix is sectioned into different areas called interfaces. These interfaces have different functions, for example, setting up events or performing a sales transaction.

REMINDER: The interfaces you have access to depend on your User Account's User Roles. For more information on roles, read Adding and Editing Users

The Spektrix interfaces are:


Navigating Between Interfaces

You can navigate between interfaces by using the Control Panel.

  1. Select the Control Panel icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

    The Control Panel button.

  2. Once selected, it will expand to show a list of interfaces available to you. Within the Control Panel, select the name of the interface you would like to navigate to.

    The control panel in the Spektrix system.


You'll know which Interface you are in by looking at the top right corner.

The top header of the Spektrix system.

There you will see:

  • The name of the Interface
  • Your Username
  • The name of your organization

TIP: The Scanning Interface and the Partner Companies Interface are two separate, stand-alone interfaces that can only be navigated through their respective URLs and can't be accessed from other interfaces. For more information, read The Spektrix Scanning Interface or The Partner Companies Interface.


Sales Interface


Insights & Mailings Interface


Admin Interface


Website Admin Interface


Opportunities Interface


Settings Interface

  • The Settings interface is where Settings Administrators manage system configuration.

    For example, you can:

    The Settings Interface.

    The Settings interface has the option to be viewed in a new user interface:

    The new Settings Interface.

    • To switch to the new user interface, open the control panel and select Go to New Interface.
    • To switch to the original user interface, select the user icon in the upper right and from the dropdown, select Return to the Original Interface.


Training Video - Navigating Spektrix

In this Navigating Spektrix training video, we cover the interfaces of Spektrix and how to navigate between them.

This video is a guided walkthrough of:

  • The Control Panel
  • The Spektrix Interfaces
  • The old Settings interface


VIDEO TIP: With our training videos- you can stop, restart or move to specific chapters. Click the CC option to turn on captions. Click in the Settings menu cog icon to control speed, captions and quality.