Group Booking Mode

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When performing a Sale with a large number of Tickets in Spektrix, you can use Group Booking Mode to make it easier to see your Basket/Cart.

Group Booking Mode groups Tickets of the same Ticket Type or Price Band together. For example if you have 20 adult Tickets and 10 child Tickets, you’ll see one line for each Ticket Type in the Basket/Cart.


What is Group Booking Mode

When you use Group Booking Mode, usually Tickets will be grouped together by Ticket Type. You might also see Tickets grouped by one of more criteria:

  • Commissions (charged or waived)
  • Reserved Tickets
  • Purchased Tickets
  • Ticket Attributes
  • Price (including different groups for Tickets with a price override)
  • Printed and unprinted Tickets
  • Whether an Offer has been applied


How to enable Group Booking Mode

You can switch on Group Booking Mode by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Control Panel in the bottom left corner of Spektrix:


  2. Click Settings:


  3. Click Configuration > System Setup from the top menu:


  4. Click Basket/Cart from the left menu:


  5. Toggle on the Enable Group Booking Mode switch:


  6. You’ll see a setting Number of Tickets to prompt for. Enter the minimum number of Tickets you want the system to group together:

    enable_group_booking_mode - Copy.jpg

TIP: You’ll need the Settings Administrator Role on your User Account. If you don’t have this, ask the Administrator in your organisation.


How to use Group Booking Mode

When you perform a sale, you’ll choose seats from a Seating Plan, or enter the quantity of Tickets required.

When you add more than the minimum number of Tickets specified in Settings, you’ll see the following Group Booking prompt:


  • If you select Yes, the Tickets will be grouped together into one line for each Ticket Type or Price Band:


  • If you select No, the Tickets will be added to the Basket/Cart, creating one line per ticket.


You can also add Tickets to the Basket/Cart in a group before you select them, by selecting the appropriate option beneath the Seating Plan:


  • Add Tickets as: single line items: This is the default setting. This means you'll see the group booking prompt if you add enough Tickets to the Basket/Cart to meet the group booking criteria.
  • Add Tickets as a group: If you select add Tickets as a group, they will appear as a group in the Basket/Cart. If you select a number of Tickets below the minimum amount specified in Settings you won’t see the Group Booking prompt.


How to edit Tickets

If you have Tickets grouped together in the Basket/Cart, you can still edit individual Tickets if you need to make changes. There are two different ways you can do this:


How to edit Tickets in the Basket/Cart

If you want to make changes to Tickets in your Basket/Cart such as changing the Ticket Type, overriding a price or waiving commission, you can do this from the Basket/Cart.

WARNING:  When you edit Tickets from the Basket/Cart like this you are selecting all of the Tickets in the group. The changes you make will apply to all selected Tickets in the Basket/Cart. This is useful if you want to edit multiple Tickets of the same type.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select a group of Tickets you want to change, by checking the box next to the group:


  2. Click the down arrow next to Reserve:


  3. Select the type of change you want to make from the dropdown list. In this example, we’re waiving the Ticket Commission.


  4. The following options will differ depending on the type of change you want to make. In our example, next you’ll see a pop up message asking how many items in the group you’d like to apply the changes to. Enter the quantity and click Ok:


  5. Now you’ll see the Tickets have been split into three groups in the Basket/Cart. Five Tickets with commission waived, five Tickets with commission applied and ten Tickets which remain unchanged:


WARNING:  If you’re deleting Tickets from the Basket/Cart, you might want to check the Seating Plan to make sure the ones you wanted have been removed from the order. For example you might remove two Tickets from the Basket/Cart leaving a gap in the seats.

Alternatively you can edit Tickets in your Basket/Cart from the Seating Plan by following the steps in the next section.


How to edit Tickets from the Seating Plan

If you want to remove or amend specific seats, you can do this directly from the Seating Plan.

To remove one or more Tickets from a group, deselect the relevant seats and click the Update Basket/Cart button. This will remove those Tickets from the group in the Basket/Cart:


When you have removed the Tickets from the order, go back to the Basket/Cart to check that the number of Tickets you have selected and the Ticket Types are correct.

This is an important step because when you delete a ticket from the Basket/Cart using the Seating Plan, you won’t know the Ticket Type. For example, from a group with 10 adults and 2 concessions you might want to delete a seat but also make sure that the two concession Ticket Types are retained in the group.

You can watch these steps in the following video:

You can also edit certain information about Tickets from the Seating Plan by right clicking on the seat. From here you can see a menu of available choices:


You can Waive commission, Reserve seats , Override ticket prices and Offers, add Ticket Attributes, Delete tickets from the Basket/Cart and View seat history.

TIP: To change the Ticket Type you’ll need to do this from the Basket/Cart


How to confirm a Group Booking

Once you’re ready to proceed with the sale, you can take payment and confirm the Order as you normally would.

When using Group Booking Mode you’ll also need to consider the following:

  • Once Tickets are added to the Basket/Cart in group mode you can’t switch back to single item mode. To return to single item mode you’ll need to delete the Tickets from the Basket/Cart and add them again.
  • You can use Group Booking Mode for any number of Tickets and the order will be treated as a group.


How to view a Grouped Order

Once you’ve confirmed an Order using Group Booking mode, you can change the view of the Order as grouped or single item mode.


Group Booking Mode Enabled

When viewing an Order with Group Booking Mode enabled, you’ll see the following:

  • Ungroup Tickets: You’ll see this option if the Order has been grouped:


  • If you ungroup Tickets, you’ll see the following screen: Select Yes to change the Order to single item mode or No to leave as is:



Single Item Mode Enabled

When viewing an Order with Single Item Mode enabled, you’ll see the following:

  • Group Tickets: You’ll see this option if the Order contains a line for each ticket:


  • Select Yes to set the Order to Group Mode or No to leave as one ticket per line:



How to edit a Grouped Order

When you edit an Order than has already been confirmed, depending on if the Order is in grouped mode or single Item mode you’ll see different options.

When editing an Grouped Order you’ll see an Edit order option. When editing an Order placed in Single Item Mode you’ll see Return and Buy options.

You can edit an Order placed in Single Item mode the way you would with any other Order. Read Performing a Return and Refund for further information.

To edit a Grouped Order, follow these steps:

WARNING: Whenever you make a change to an Order that contains grouped Tickets, all of the Tickets for that order are returned and repurchased. Any Offers will apply as if all of the seats are sold for the first time. Any Offers created since the original order was placed may also apply.

  1. Click the down arrow next to Print:


  2. Click Edit Order:


  3. You’ll see a New Transaction screen. Choose your Sales Channel:


  4. All Tickets in the Order will be added back into the Basket/Cart
  5. Select the Tickets you want to change in the Items section of the Basket/Cart:


  6. If you want to change the Ticket Type, click the down arrow next to Change type:


  7. If you want to change Commission/delivery, Ticket Attributes, Override Price, Offers, click the down arrow next to Reserve:


  8. You’ll see a prompt to enter a quantity for the number Tickets you want to change, then click Ok:


  9. The following options you'll see will differ depending on the type of change you want to make.

TIP: If you want to set certain seats to be a particular Ticket Type, you can remove them from the group by unselecting the seat on the seating plan. Then, click Update Basket/Cart and re-add them using single item mode.

You now have the information to use Group Booking Mode. For other helpful resources, visit the Sell Items and Fulfill Orders category section of our Support Centre.