Searching for Gift Vouchers

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Each Gift Voucher you sell has a unique code. This code is entered either through the Sales Interface, or Online when the Gift Voucher is redeemed. If you want to track the history of a Gift Voucher, such as when it was redeemed, or see which Customer Record it was redeemed against, you can search for the Gift Voucher using its unique code. This article will guide you through searching for Gift Vouchers in Spektrix.


How to search for Gift Vouchers

You can search for Gift Vouchers by following these steps:

  1. In the Sales Interface, click Other > Voucher Search:



  2. Enter the Voucher Code and click Search:



  3. You’ll see the following screen:



  4. You’ll see the following information:
    • Purchased by: Who purchased the Gift Voucher, and the Order number in which it was purchased.
    • Redeemed by: Who redeemed the Gift Voucher and the date it was redeemed
    • Used in Orders: Which Orders used the Gift Voucher as payment and how much Credit was used.
    • Information: The Value of the Gift Voucher, any remaining balance, and Expiry Date. You can also see who the Gift Voucher was sent From and To, and the Message to the recipient.

TIP: You can click on the Customer Name to go into the record of the Customer who purchased or redeemed the Gift Voucher. You can then click the Order number to view the Order containing the purchased Gift Voucher, or the Order in which it was redeemed.


Unrecognised Gift Voucher Code

If you see the message Cannot find a Gift Voucher with that voucher code, then the Gift Voucher doesn’t exist in your system:


Check you’ve entered the code exactly as it appears on the Gift Voucher (including hyphens) and check there are no spaces before or after the Voucher Code in the search box.


Expired Gift Vouchers

Once a Gift Voucher is printed or is sent by email, it remains valid for a set time period. If a Gift Voucher has expired, you’ll see the following message when performing a search:



Once Expired, Gift Vouchers can’t be used, extended or reissued. Read Expired Gift Vouchers for further information.

You now have the information to search for Gift Vouchers. For other helpful resources, visit the Sell Items and Fulfill Orders category section of our Support Centre.