Understanding your Spektrix Payments Invoice

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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This article is for Spektrix organisations in all regions who use Spektrix Payments. In this article we’ll guide you through understanding your invoice. You’ll also find links to other helpful resources.

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What is the invoice process?

Spektrix will send you an invoice every month. This is based on the statement issued by Adyen. If you want to view the Adyen statement, read How to view the original Adyen statement.

TIP: The Spektrix Payments invoice is separate from your Service Charge invoice.

The invoice you receive will display the transactions in your local currency. The invoice contains the total amount of charges based on your transaction volume and mix as per your Application Services Agreement.

TIP: In most cases the invoice you receive is for information only. The charges have already been collected before the funds are deposited into your business bank account. If there is an amount to pay, you’ll see this in the invoice.


How to view the original Adyen statement

The Spektrix Payments invoice you receive is based on a statement provided by Adyen.

  1. Log into your Adyen Essentials dashboard
  2. Go to Finance > Invoice overview:


  3. Select the Period you want to view and click the download button under Actions:



How to read your Spektrix Payments invoice

The invoice amount should equal the total amount collected from your daily payouts in the previous month. For example if the invoice is dated 1st June, the total charge on the invoice should be the sum of all the amounts collected from your daily payouts in May.

The Adyen statement will provide a breakdown of the total invoice amount made of up of the following components:

  1. Scheme fees
  2. Commission blends
  3. Interchange fees
  4. Commission markup


How to understand your charges

The Adyen Statement will be in your operating currency and will typically consist of two pages. The first page is a summary and the second page is a detailed breakdown of charges.


Statement Summary

The Total in the Statement Summary should match what you can see in your Spektrix Payments invoice. 

You’ll see a line Already deducted from settlement. This is the amount paid, which is taken from your daily payouts. Occasionally you’ll see a small variance in this amount. You can find a breakdown of this amount by reading the section Specification of amounts already dedicated from settlement. You’ll find this on page two of the invoice in the Detailed Breakdown of Charges.

Any variance between the Total charge and the Already deducted from settlement amount will show in the Amount due line in the first page, with details on how this will be settled.



Detailed Breakdown of Charges

The second page provides a detailed breakdown of charges.


In the Specification of final calculation including discounts section you’ll see:

  1. Turnover: The amounts processed
  2. Rate: This should match your Application Services Agreement
  3. Calculated: The final charge

Underneath, you’ll see a Refund Fees section, where you’ll see a breakdown of refunded fees in the same format as above.

If there are any variances between the ‘total’ charge and the ‘already deducted from settlement’ amount, you’ll see a breakdown of these amounts in the Specification of amounts already deducted from settlement section.



This article should give you the information you need to understand your Spektrix Payments invoice. To learn more about Payments, visit the Manage Payments section of the Support Centre.