Waiting Lists

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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This functionality was made available in release 23 of Spektrix.  

You are now able to add waiting lists to any Event in your system.  A waiting list entry consists of:

  • A customer
  • The specific instances of the event they are able to come to
  • The number of tickets they want
  • A note if needed

Creating a new entry

Search for the customer you want and then you'll get a popup to select the instances the customer is able to come to.  If you're adding the entry from the Events screen it will default to all instances.  If you're adding the entry from the seating plan, it will default to just that instance (but you'll be able to add more).

The popup for selecting instances will allow you to include or exclude instances by selecting individual ones, or by using the day of week buttons to include or exclude all instances on a particular day. 



The waiting list itself will look a bit like this:


Viewing/editing the lists

When viewing a waiting list for a whole Event, you'll see all entries for that Event, and When viewing a waiting list for an Instance, you'll see the same waiting list but filtered just to customers who want tickets just for that Instance.

You can use the drop-down list to re-order people in the list, or drag and drop them into position.

Buying tickets from the list

Whenever a customer from the Waiting List buys tickets for the Event or Instance, you will automatically see a pop-up showing you their list entry. This will appear once you have confirmed their transaction, after going through the usual print, email and questionnaire options.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the waiting list entry
  • Click the he red X to delete them from the list
  • Click "close" to leave their list entry intact



Other features include:

- ability to apply a tag to all customers on a waiting list - useful if you want to then be able to mail all these people at a later date (e.g. if more performances go on sale or to remind them to book early next time!)

- ability to run some basic reports on a waiting lists, including their contact details, the notes, the quantity etc.

- a tab in the customer record which shows you what waiting lists that customer is currently on