Searching for Orders in the Sales Interface

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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You can search for orders using lots of criteria to find just what you are looking for.

  • The more specific you are with criteria, the fewer orders you will see. If you search too broadly, you might end up with too many results which is never fun.


How do I do that?

  • In the Sales Interface, click Orders


  • Enter your criteria and click search


  • Click on the Order to Select.


what criteria do I use?

A large number of criteria can be used to search for orders.  These are broadly grouped as follows:

  • Criteria related to the customer - who made the order.
  • Criteria related to the contents of the order - which events were purchased?
  • Criteria related to the order itself - when was the order placed, what is the order number?

Use the relevant fields to enter your search criteria. You can specify more than one criteria at the same time - this will help narrow down your results.




  • Click Advanced Search to see more criteria you can use

  • The customer based search criteria will only work if the customer has provided that information.


 Any Tips?

Searching by Order number is by far the quickest way of finding the order. If the customer does not have this, try using multiple criteria to narrow down the results to a specific performance, rather than just go by Postcode.

  • Search by Event Name, Event Date and Customer Name or Postcode