Merging Orders

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Order numbers in Spektrix hold details for each purchase made by a Customer in your system. Occasionally, a Customer may purchase tickets for the same Event, but across more than one transaction, or a group of friends may reserve tickets across multiple Orders. You might want to merge these Orders and Reservations.

Merging Orders combines all tickets within one Order number, making it easier to manage. You can also merge multiple Reservations into one Order, meaning you can take one payment for the whole Reservation.

You can also merge an order that has no Customer details attached to it with an order containing Customer details. This is useful if a Customer purchases additional tickets and no details are taken (for example a Counter Quick transaction).


Before you read this article you should be familiar with:

Before you can merge Orders, you’ll need to check the following User Account settings:

  • You’ll need the Sales Administrator Role on your User Account. If you don’t have this, ask the Administrator in your organisation to add it.
  • You’ll also need the Sales Administrator Role on your User Account to be able to merge any Restricted Orders. If you don’t have the Sales Administrator role and you try to a view a Restricted Order, you’ll see this message:


Once you have the Sales Administrator Role on your User Account, continue to the next section, How to merge Orders.

WARNING: Check carefully before merging Orders. Once a merge is completed, it can’t be reversed.


How to merge Orders

  1. Log into Spektrix
  2. Go to the Sales Interface
  3. Click Orders:


  4. Type the Order Number of the first Order you want to merge and click Search:


  5. Click on the Order:


  6. In the Order Details screen, click Merge Order:


  7. Next, enter the second Order you want to merge and click Search:


  8. Click on the Order:


  9. Next, choose which details to keep from each Order. If you’re merging an Order with No Customer details, retain the Order that contains Customer details. Click Next:



  10. If required, add any Notes about the merge, then click OK:


  11. The Order will merge into the first Order number you entered. The Order number from the second Order will be deleted.

TIP: You can still search for a deleted order by entering the Order number. However, the Order number retained will now appear in the search results instead.


Errors when merging

When merging Orders, don’t navigate away from the Sales Interface to another part of Spektrix. If you do, the Order will lock and you'll see this message:

Error message when merging


You’ll need to wait 45 minutes before you can perform any action on the Order. If you attempt to access the Order before 45 mins has elapsed, the time will reset and you’ll need to wait a further 45 minutes.


You now have the information needed to merge Orders.