Cancelling a Payment

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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This functionality was introduced in Release 23 (May 2012) and the following guide is taken from the original Release Notes.

Previously, once a transaction had payments in it you would not be allowed to cancel it or remove the payments.  Instead you would have to refund any erroneous payments and clear the basket before confirming the transaction. This has caused no end of confusion… So, we are pleased to say that it is now possible to cancel payments that have been added to an order by mistake.  Once you have cancelled all the payments you can then cancel the whole order if necessary.


How Do I Switch It On?

Cash will always be cancellable.

Any existing custom payment types will be set to “not cancellable” by default.

To change this:

  • Edit the relevant custom payment types and tick the CAN BE CANCELLED box.

How Do I Use It?

  • After adding a payment to an order, if it can be cancelled, a red X icon will show next to it in the basket
  • Click X to delete the payment from the basket
  • Once all payments are deleted the order can be cancelled as normal by clicking CANCEL in the basket

Important Information

Card payments will never be cancellable – you will still need to choose card refund to send the money back to the customer’s bank account. Payments by credit or voucher can be cancelled.  However refunds to credit cannot be because these credits may have already been used in another transaction.