How to Suppress COBO/Will Call as a Delivery Method

Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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In this article, we’ll explain how to prevent customers from selecting the COBO/Will Call delivery method when other options (e-tickets, postal delivery etc.) are available. 

Suppressing COBO/Will Call as a delivery method means that the option to collect tickets from the Box Office at the venue won't be offered if there are other options available.

As this option only refers to web availability, all delivery options will remain available in the Sales Interface. This means that COBO/Will Call remains an option for customers who aren't able to book online.

WARNING: This change is global; any live Instances with a delivery method other than COBO/Will Call available will not offer COBO/Will Call as a delivery method.


How to Suppress COBO/Will Call as a Delivery Method

COBO / Will Call is a delivery method that can be set for all Web Ticket Types.

To suppress this, go to the Admin Interface. Under Pricing > Ticket Types > Web Availability, select Edit to make changes. 

Tick the Suppress if possible check box beneath the COBO / Will Call column, then hit Save


REMINDER: You don't need to change the Always available option here; once Suppress if possible is selected, customers will only be offered COBO delivery if no other option is available to them.


Print at Home Tickets

If you offer print at home tickets (e-tickets) you can make it so that customers online will never be offered the option of COBO/Will Call delivery. 

To do this, make sure:

  • Print at Home tickets are set with no time limit to their availability
  • The Print box is checked for all applicable Ticket Types
  • There is a PDF template and Print at Home Ticket Design applied to every Instance

For more information about Delivery Methods and Event Set Up, see the Set up Events, Offers and Merchandise section of the Support Centre.