Illuminate and Spektrix

Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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UK based organisations who are funded by Arts Council England as National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) will need to report on their activity using Illuminate.

Illuminate is an audience data tool created by PricewaterhouseCoopers

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Arts Council England have made use of Spektrix integration tools in order to enable you to sync data from your Spektrix system to this platform. This means you won’t need to manually upload customer and sales data into Illuminate. 

This article will direct you to additional resources supplied by both Illuminate and Arts Council England where you can learn more about this topic.

You can seek further guidance on sending data to Illuminate, including how to access the Spektrix Event ID, by contacting Illuminate on or by calling 0800 031 867.


How to set up the Illuminate Integration

The Illuminate platform can receive your customer data and ticket sales data from Spektrix via a data feed. 

In order for the data feed to pull through to Illuminate, you will need to:

  • Grant PricewaterhouseCoopers access to your data. You’ll need to have permissions to access the Settings Interface to make this change. 
  • Build a Custom Report in order to find your Spektrix Event IDs. 
  • Create copies of each of your Events in Spektrix on the Illuminate platform.

For more information on how to complete these steps, visit the Training pages within Illuminate and navigate to the 'API Connection for Box Office Integration'. You will need an Illuminate log in to access this information. 

WARNING: If the Spektrix Event ID is not entered against the event in Illuminate, then the Spektrix data feed will not pull into the Illuminate platform.

Once your Spektrix Events are set up and linked to Illuminate, customer and ticket sales data will automatically go into the platform via the Spektrix data feed. As such, if you have direct access to an Illuminate platform and have followed the steps above, you won't need to manually upload your data via a Box Office Data Upload template.


Further Reading

For more guidance on the Illuminate platform, how to set up data sharing, access the Spektrix Event ID and how to grant permission to access data visit the Illuminate Training Pages. 

You can also find a comprehensive Illuminate FAQ section on Arts Council England website.

You can contact Illuminate on or by calling 0800 031 867.