How to Set up Delivery Commissions

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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In this article we'll explain Delivery Commissions and guide you through setting up Delivery Commissions and Waive Criteria. You'll also find information on Overriding Delivery Commission in the Basket/Cart, as well links to other helpful resources.


What are Delivery commissions?

A Delivery Commission is a fee that can be charged for the delivery of Items in a Basket/Cart. The Delivery Commission is set on the overall Basket/Cart rather than each individual item such as a commission on each Ticket. Delivery Commission can also be set at different values on each Sales Channel (Phone, Web, Counter).

Before you read this article, you should be familiar with:


How to Set Up Delivery Commissions

Before you can set up Delivery Commissions, you’ll need the Sales Administrator or General Administrator Role on your User Account. If you don’t have this, ask the administrator in your organisation.

  1. Click the Control Panel button (in the bottom left corner of Spektrix):


  2. Click Admin:

  3. Click Pricing > Other Commissions:

  4. Scroll down to the Delivery Commissions section.
  5. Click Edit next to the Delivery Method you want to apply Commission to:

  6. Enter the Commission amount under the Sales Channel (Phone, Counter, Web):

  7. Choose your Tax Code from the dropdown list:

  8. Users in the UK and Ireland should choose the applicable VAT rate:

    For more information on VAT, read VAT in Spektrix.


  9. Users in the US and Canada should choose the local sales tax:

  10. Click Save:


Waiving Delivery Commissions

You can waive Delivery Commissions for certain Customers. For example you may want to waive Commissions for Members.

Click Waive Criteria:



You’ll see the Waive Commission screen:



To learn how to waive Commission based on Customer eligibility criteria, read Customer Eligibility for more information.


Delivery Commissions in the Basket/Cart

In the Ticket Delivery section of the Basket/Cart, you’ll see the available Delivery methods. If a Delivery method has Commission set against it, you’ll see this under the Delivery type:



Merchandise Delivery Commissions in the Basket/Cart

If you have set Merchandise Delivery Commission in the Basket/Cart, you’ll see this in addition to Ticket Delivery Commission:

Delivery Commissions online

When a Customer purchases Tickets or Merchandise online, they’ll see Delivery Commission applied at checkout:

TIP: To apply Delivery Commission to online sales, enter the Commission amount under the Web Sales Channel.


Overriding Delivery Commissions in the Basket/Cart

You can override Delivery Commissions in the Basket/Cart at an Order level. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Ticket Delivery section, tick the Override checkbox:


  2. Untick the checkbox next to the Commission amount:


  3. You’ll see a strikethrough the Commission amount. The Order total will be updated to reflect the Commission override:


You can also waive Merchandise Delivery Commission following the steps above:



This article should give you the information you need to set up Delivery Commissions. To learn more visit the Commissions section of the Support Centre.