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Harry Brett-Jones
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The Customer Eligibility Chooser is a quick and easy way to choose which customers are eligible for various benefits within your system and is a central feature of various applications within the Admin Interface, such as Priority Booking, Offers, Customer Groups, and Criteria Groups:


Various bits of information held against your customer records can be used to determine a customer's eligibility. Just drag the required criteria from one of the green sections at the top into the dashed area marked Drop criteria here to create rules.

Remember that dropping criteria next to each other creates an AND rule (meaning customer must meet all rules on that row to be included); dropping criteria underneath each other creates an OR rule (meaning that customers can meet either rule to be included):

You can also tick the NOT check box to reverse the logic. You could, for example, find everyone who doesn't have a particular Tag using this:


For more on using the AND, OR and NOT rules, check out this section of our article on building Customer Lists. 

The areas of your customer records you can choose eligibility from fall into one of five categories:


You can set whether a customer is eligible for an Offer or group based on any Tags that may be applied to their record.

This is especially powerful when used in relation to an Auto Tag, as it allows you to do things such as make Offers available to customers who have received certain mailings or booked for a certain combination of shows. It also powers the ability for Customer Groups to highlight various people to your front of house staff, whether they be VIPs or press, or customers that you wish to gather more information from.

For more information, read our article on Normal Tags and Auto Tags.


Similar to Tags, you can use Customer Attributes to highlight a customer based on aspects of their customer record.  Whether that be someone who has given you a certain bit of information (such as Job Title or Culture Segment), or someone you need to try and gain more information about.

For more information, read our article on Attributes.


A popular way to power Offers and Priority Booking periods, you can use Memberships to entitle people to certain benefits in your system, as well as highlighting Members to your staff by using Customer Groups.

For more information, read our article on Setting Up Memberships.

Promotion Codes

Unique to Offers, Promotion Codes allow you to apply Offers based on codes that have been given out to customers. They can be used to apply Offers to a transaction even if a customer has not met any other criteria within your system:


Promotion Codes can be added to the system during the offer setup process by using the + New button.

Promotion Codes can be on multiple Offers at the same time, or multiple Promotion Codes can be used on a single Offer to track where customers have picked up a code from (you would use OR rules here to make multiple Promotion Codes apply to a single Offer).

Once a Promotion Code has been set up it can be edited and tracked at Admin > Other > Promotion Codes, which will allow you to see what active Offers a Promotion Code is currently linked to. 

For more information, read our article on Promotion Codes.

Criteria Groups

You can use Criteria Groups to create a shortcut that groups together commonly used collections of criteria, which can then be used to form the basis for other customer eligibility.

For example, rather than selecting every individual Membership as criteria for an Offer, you can create a Criteria Group that contains all of these Memberships, then select this as eligibility criteria for an Offer or a Priority Booking period.

For more information, read our article on Criteria Groups.


If you have any further questions about anything covered in this article, please get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.