How to set up Transaction Commissions

Nicola Bierton
Nicola Bierton
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In this article we'll explain Transaction Commissions. We'll guide you through setting up Transaction Commissions and Waive Criteria. You'll also find information on Transaction Commission Rules, as well links to other helpful resources.


What are Transaction Commissions?

A Transaction Commission is a fee charged on each Basket/Cart (rather than on individual items such as tickets or payment types).  They can be set at a different value on each Sales Channel (Phone, Web and Counter).

You can also choose to waive the Transaction Commission for certain audience segments, or when someone books particular items (e.g. free tickets).

Before reading this guide you may want to familiarise yourself with:


Setting up Transaction Commissions

  1. Go to the Admin Interface > Pricing > Other Commissions
  2. Scroll down to Transaction Commission
  3. Select Edit to set the Transaction Commission that will apply per Sales Channel
  4. Click Save.
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TIP:  Transactions Commissions are applied globally across all Events.


Setting up 'Waive Criteria' for Transaction Commissions

If you wish to waive the Transaction Commissions for certain Customers, click Waive Criteria and drag items from one of the sections into the 'Drop criteria here' space. 


Customers that meet the Waive Criteria will no longer pay Transaction Commissions.

  • If you have a Corporate Membership and want members to be excluded from paying the Transaction Commission, drag Corporate Membership from the 'Memberships' section into the 'Drop criteria here' section. Members will no longer pay the Transaction Commission when booking.


Read Customer Eligibility for more information.


Transaction Commission Rules

It is also possible to stop the Transaction Commission from applying when Customers are booking certain items (such as free tickets, or making a donation).

  • Don't Charge: Never charge a Transaction Commission if this item is in the Basket/Cart.
  • Charge if items have value: Only charge if the item is not free.
  • Charge if any items in the basket: Always charge if the item is in the Basket/Cart.
  • The Transaction Commission will only apply if someone has an item in the Basket which fulfils the Transaction Commission Rules that have been set.  Transaction_Commission_Rules.png 

Use the following steps to configure your Transaction Commission Rules.

  1. Go to the Admin Interface > Pricing > Other Commissions  
  2. Scroll to the section labelled 'Transaction Commission Rules'
  3. Select Edit to amend the rules
  4. Save changes
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The Transaction Commission will only apply to a booking if someone has an item in the Basket/Cart that causes it to charge.

You should now have the information you need to configure Transaction Commissions.