Card Holder Wallets

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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What is it?

This feature is available if you:

  • Use SagePay for Ecommerce and MOTO transactions (UK/ROI)
  • Use Worldpay, Moneris, or for Ecommerce and MOTO transactions (NA)

NOTE: your payment gateway provider may charge a fee to enable this functionality.

Card holder wallets allow your customers to store their card details in the system so that they can use them again next time they make a purchase without having to enter the details again.

Once the details are stored it is also possible to charge the card through the box office without having to take the full details each time - you just need to enter the 3 digit security code. You can also charge the card at regular intervals in order to auto renew memberships. These settings requires some extra setup which is explained in the "How do I use it?" section below.

PCI Compliance

This method of storing card details is compliant as no data is stored in your venue. Instead we tokenise the card and store the details with the Payment Processor who are are Level 1 PCI compliant. When you instruct the system to take payment, we use this token to instruct the Payment Processor to charge the card. As no data is stored with yourselves and because you are using level 1 compliant 3rd parties your own compliance should not be affected.


How do I use it?


  • Before activating the feature you must specify a link for the My Account section of the website (the section where customers can currently manage their password and addresses on your site). To do this go to Website Admin > Domain Specific Config and enter the link to your site's My Account page in the section named My Account Link

  • Once you have done this, please contact the Support team to have the card holder wallets activated

  • You may then activate the tab online by going to Settings > Configuration > System Setup and clicking on the Website tab on the left hand side. Select the Display the "My Payment Cards" section option to make this feature active online

NOTE: in Express Checkout, card details are not stored by default; however, this can be switched on by ticking the Default “Store my card details” to be ticked on customer billing details check box in Settings > Configuration > System Setup > Websit

  • Depending on the layout of your site you may need to ask your web designers to restyle the look of the iframes - the Support team will be able to advise you on this

Using Card Wallets online

  • Once active, customers can manage their cards in the "My Payment Cards" tab within My Account.
  • Customers can add new cards here by clicking ‘Add Card’. If a customer’s card is registered in a country that is bound by the EU legislation called Payment Services Directive 2, customers may be asked to complete a 3D Secure (3DS) challenge when storing a card here if their bank requests one.
  • Customers can set a preferred card which is the default card used when checking out - it would also be the card used for any automated payments
  • The checkout process will change slightly. Customers now choose which of their cards they wish to use at the "Billing Address" stage of the checkout process (or they can add a new card here).


 Using Card Wallets in the Box Office

  • There is a new menu in the customer details screen that shows you the card wallet. From here you can add new cards, delete cards and change the preferred card for the customer

  • If you add a customer to the basket you will also see a Card icon for each of their stored cards. You can choose to use these for payment or just use "Card Payment" to use a different card (and potentially save it to the customer's record)



Continuous Authority

Important information: Charging cards without needing the customer present

By default you will always need to enter the customer's CV2 number when charging a stored card - you must not store or record this number anywhere.

If you wish to be able to charge a card without the customer present, or set up automated payments for memberships then you will need to apply to your bank for a new merchant number which allows Continuous Authority. This should be a case of contacting the account manager at your acquiring bank and requesting it. Note that each payment gateway calls this something different: refers to this as “recurring billing,” Worldpay refers to this as “transform tokenization,” and Moneris refers to this as “the vault.”

Once you have this number, inform support and we will add it to your Payment Processor accounts and enable it in your system. This will allow you to charge the card without needing the CV2, meaning that you can also take advantage of the new auto-renewable memberships.

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