Card Wallets in Spektrix

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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In this article, we’ll explain Card Wallets in Spektrix. We’ll guide you through setting up Card Wallets and how to use them in the Sales Interface and online. You’ll also find information on Continuous Authority and other helpful resources.


What is a Card Wallet?

A Card Wallet lets Customers store their credit or debit cards in the Wallet section of the Customer Record. When a Customer makes a purchase, the stored card details can be used. This saves having to enter the details manually each time.

TIP: Spektrix doesn’t store the CVC/CVV/CV2 (Card Verification Code/Value) of the card. You’ll need to enter this each time.

However, if you’re using Continuous Authority for example to automatically take payment for Auto Renewable Memberships, you won’t need to enter the CVC/CVV/CV2 each time.


Are Card Wallets PCI Compliant?

Card Wallets are compliant with PCI rules as no card data is stored in Spektrix. Instead the card details are tokenised and stored with the Payment Service Provider who are Level 1 PCI compliant. Your own compliance shouldn’t be affected as you’re using Level 1 PCI compliant 3rd parties.

Read PCI Compliance for more information.


What is Tokenisation?

Tokenisation is a security method that replaces card numbers with a unique set of characters, commonly known as a token. When a payment is taken from a Stored Card, we use the token instead of the card number to instruct the Payment Service Provider to charge the card. This helps to keep your payment data safe.

Payment tokens don't contain any real payment details and can’t be used fraudulently.


Setting Up Card Wallets

If you don’t currently use Card Wallets, you’ll need to contact Support to request activation of the Card Wallets feature.


Initial Setup

Before you contact Support, you’ll need to add a link for the My Account section of your website. This is the area where Customers can manage their account on your website.

TIP: You’ll need the Web Integration Administrator Role on your User Account before you can change these Settings. If you don’t have this, ask the Administrator in your organisation.

To set up your My Account page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Control Panel button (in the bottom left corner of Spektrix):


  2. Click Website Admin:


  3. Click Domain Specific Config:


  4. Select your website from the left menu:


  5. Scroll down until you see the MyAccount Link and click Edit:


  6. Enter the link for the My Account page on your website and click Save.


Once your My Account page has been selected and the Spektrix Support Team has activated Card Wallets on your system, you’ll need to add the Display My Payment Cards section to your website.

REMINDER: You’ll need the Settings Administrator Role on your User Account before you can change these Settings. If you don’t have this, ask the Administrator in your organisation.

To display payment cards on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Click Control Panel > Settings
  2. Click Configuration > System Setup from the top menu:


  3. Click Website from the left menu:


  4. Click the toggle to switch on Display the Payment Cards section on your website’s “My Account” page:



You can have the option to store card details automatically checked when Customers make a purchase online. Scroll further down the website menu and toggle the switch for Default “Store my card details” to be ticked on customer billing details:

Click Save Configuration.

TIP: Depending on the layout of your site, you may need to ask your web developers to restyle your iframes to accommodate these changes.


Using Card Wallets in the Sales Interface

You can find Stored Cards in the Wallet section of the Customer Record:

In the Wallet section, you can add a new card, delete a card or set a card as preferred.

When you add a Customer to the Basket/Cart you’ll see their Stored Card(s) in the Payments section:



You can select a card to take payment without having to enter the card details each time.

TIP: You’ll still ask the Customer for the CVC/CVV/CV2 (Card Verification Code/Value). This isn’t stored anywhere to comply with PCI Regulations.


Using Card Wallets online

Customers can manage their cards in the My Payment Cards section within their online account:


Customers can add a new card by clicking Add Card. Customers can also set a preferred card to use when making a purchase or to take a payment for an Auto Renewable Membership.


When a Customer is ready to complete their purchase, they can choose which card to use, or Use a new card:


Card Wallets and Continuous Authority

If you want to charge a Stored Card without entering a CVC/CVV/CV2, or set up payments for Auto Renewable Memberships, you’ll need to contact your Merchant/Acquiring Bank. You’ll need to ask them for an additional Merchant Number (also known as a Merchant ID or MID) for Continuous Authority (also known as Recurring Payments/Recurring Billing).


This article should give you the information you need on Card Wallets in Spektrix. For more information on Payments, visit the Manage Payments section of the Support Centre.