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In Spektrix, there are two different categories of Ticket Types: Web and Normal.

Web Ticket Types are available both online and in the Sales Interface; these will encompass your standard tickets that can be bought online or at the box office (e.g. Adult, Child, etc.) Normal Ticket Types, on the other hand, are only available in the Sales Interface and will encompass tickets you don't want available online (e.g. Industry Comp, etc.)

When you create a Web Ticket Type, you'll also set which delivery methods are available to customers when they buy it online. For Normal Ticket Types, you can choose whether any member of your box office team can sell them, or whether a Sales Administrator will need to complete the sale.

In this article, we'll cover:

To begin, here's a short video explainer of Ticket Types and how to create them – to view captions, please click the CC button on the bottom right:

Creating a new Ticket Type

Both categories of Ticket Type are set up in Admin > Pricing > Ticket Types. Here, you'll see all your existing Web Ticket Types first, then your Normal Ticket Types and, at the bottom of the page, a form where you can create a new Ticket Type:


  • Click the relevant radio button to choose your new Ticket Type's category
  • Name: give your new Ticket Type a clear, descriptive name, bearing in mind that this will be seen by both your box office team and customers
  • Description: this is optional, but useful for adding any internal notes about a Ticket Type
  • Active: like most things in Spektrix, Ticket Types are made active and inactive, rather than being deleted; keep this check box ticked if you want this Ticket Type to be available in Price Lists right away
  • Cobo/Post/Print: specify which methods of delivery are available when purchasing this Ticket Type; you might want to, for example, make your concessionary Ticket Types that require a customer to show ID as proof of eligibility only available to be collected at the box office

If you're creating a Normal Ticket Type:

  • Locked: click the padlock icon if you want to lock a Ticket Type to only be able to be sold by Sales Administrators (for more information on Spektrix user roles, see this article)

Once you've completed these fields, click Add and your new Ticket Type will be listed under its category.

Editing a Ticket Type


  • If you need to make any changes to a Ticket Type, click the Edit button; from here, you can rename your Ticket Type, change its description, make it inactive, and change which delivery methods are available
  • To change a Web Ticket Type to a Normal Ticket Type (or vice versa), click the To normal (or To web)

NOTE:  if you're changing a Normal Ticket Type that's currently locked to only be available to be sold by Sales Administrators, you'll need to click the padlock icon to unlock it before changing it to a Web Ticket Type.

  • To add Attributes to a Ticket Type, click the Attributes button

NOTE:  in order to add these, you'll need to have first created your Ticket Type Attributes; read this article to learn more about how to set up Attributes.

Web availability

Here you can set global rules that define when specific delivery methods become unavailable for your Web Ticket Types:


Each column refers to a delivery method: Cobo, Post, and Print. To make any changes, start by clicking the Edit button.

In the corresponding column, you can set exactly how long before an Event's start time someone can book online and choose that particular delivery method, e.g. you might make postal delivery unavailable three days before an Event's start date, to ensure adequate time to post tickets.

Checking the Suppress if possible check box for any delivery method will make it unavailable if an alternative is available, e.g. to cut down on admin and postage costs, you might choose to suppress postal delivery if Print at Home delivery is available.

You can also select which delivery method is always available, between COBO and postal. 

Further reading

Once you've created your Ticket Types, you might want to check out the following:


If you have any questions about Ticket Types, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.

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