How to Create and Edit Info Overlays

Jessica Abejar
Jessica Abejar
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Info Overlays can be used to record extra detail about particular seats on reserved areas of your Seating Plans. In this guide, you will learn how to set up and configure Info Overlays.

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Why create an Info Overlay?

There are several reasons to create an Info Overlay. For example, you may want to alert Customers of seats with restricted/obstructed views, restricted/limited legroom, the best view of a caption box, etc. In the Sales Interface and online, any seat with information added to it by an Info Overlay will appear as a circle with a lowercase and italicized i symbol:


When the cursor is hovered over these seats, the usual pop-up containing the seat number and the price will appear as well as the additional seat information.

This information will also appear alongside tickets in the basket, on confirmation emails, and can be output to ticket designs.

Creating a new Info Overlay

In Admin > Seating > Seating Plans, select the seating plan you wish to create a new Lock Overlay for:


Info Overlays can only apply to reserved areas.

From here, a new screen will open with the different Overlay types listed across the top. Select Info, then click New to create a new Info Overlay:


Give a name to your new Info Overlay. This name is only visible in the Admin Interface, so be as descriptive as needed. Click OK and your new Info Overlay's name will now be listed in the left pane and selected in dark green.

Click Edit to make changes:


Assigning seat information on reserved Seating Plans

To assign information to seats on a reserved Seating Plan, you can either click seats individually or use the following shortcuts to select seats in bulk:

  • Hold the Shift key on your keyboard, and click two seats on the same row; any seats in between will also be selected:


  • Choose Rectangle Mode from the top left of the Seating Plan and click and drag to select all seats under the rectangle:


  • Choose Paint Mode from the top left of the Seating Plan and click and drag your cursor over the seats that you want to select:


Once you've selected all the seats that you want to assign a particular piece of Info to, click Add a label. This will change the seats selected to the letter A and give you a text field where you can add your information:


Add the label text and then click Save. A pop-up will appear to say the Information Overlay has been saved.

When assigning Info labels to seats, you can choose to view the Seating Plan with a particular Layout Overlay applied, allowing you to see which seats have been masked and any changes to the background image. Select a Layout Overlay from the dropdown in the top-left corner:


Adding the same Information label to additional seats

If you wish to assign the same Info label to additional seats, select the other seats and click the letter next to the label text box. This will change the selected seats to the letter and assign the same info label to them.


If your plan has multiple areas, you will need to select each area from the dropdown list in the top-left and assign Info labels to the seats within them as necessary:


Adding multiple Information labels on a single Info Overlay

You are able to add multiple labels on a single plan, for example a label for “Obstructed View” and a label for “Splash Zone”. In order to do so, repeat the selecting and adding process for each Info label.

To add more Info labels, select more seats as before and click Add a label. These seats will be changed to the letter B and another text field will appear for you to add this information:


Repeat the process until all necessary seats are labeled.

For seats that require two labels, combine them into one single label, for example “Obstructed View and Splash Zone”.


The letters A, B, C, etc. will only be visible on the Admin interface. In the Sales Interface and online, all seats with an Info label will appear as a circle with a lowercase and italicized i symbol.

Removing Info labels on an Info Overlay

  • Select the seat(s) as before using the Shift Key, Rectangle Mode, or Paintbrush then click Clear selection. The Info label will still be available for use.


  • You can remove an Info label and all associated seats by clicking the red x button next to the letter and text field. When you remove a label, the labels may rename themselves so that they are still listed alphabetically as A, B, C, etc.


  • To remove all Info labels, click Clear all. This will only remove the labeled seats; the Info labels will still be available for use.


Editing an Info Overlay

You can change the Info Overlay for any Instances that are already on sale. There are a few ways in which you can do this, depending on where else the Info Overlay is being used, and if your changes will affect all or only some of these Instances.

  • You can change the Info Overlay for any Instances that are already on sale by editing the Info Overlay itself in the Admin Interface. This will change it for use going forward and you can choose whether you want to update it against all (or some) of the Instances currently using it.

    1. In Admin > Seating > Seating Plans, select the Seating Plan whose Info Overlay you would like to update.
    2. Click Info from the options listed at the top.
    3. Select the Info Overlay you wish to edit.
    4. Click Edit and edit, reassign, and/or remove Info labels to seats as required.
    5. Click Save and a pop-up will appear:


    Select the appropriate option, click OK and the bulk update will start.

    If you select “None” or choose to only update selected Instances, the Instances that you have chosen not to update will update their Info Overlay to reflect the original version but will be named “Custom”.

  • You can change the Info Overlay for a particular Instance.

    You can create an entirely new Info Overlay, either starting from scratch as before or copying an existing one, and apply this to an Instance.

    To copy an Info Overlay, click the down arrow next to its name and select Copy:


    This copy will be named as the original Info Overlay name plus - Copy:


    If it's not the first time you’ve copied a particular Info Overlay, the new one will have - Copy (number) appended to its name.

    You can rename your copied Info Overlay by clicking the down arrow and selecting Rename.

    Once you’ve made the copy, update the Info Overlay:

    1. Navigate to your chosen Instance via Admin > Events > Choose Event > Select Instance.
    2. Click on the Seating Plan tab on the left side of the screen.
    3. Click Edit on the bottom-right.
    4. In the panel on the left, you will see a list of overlays. In the Info Overlay dropdown, select your new or copied Info Overlay.


If you want to change the Info Overlay for multiple Instances to an existing Info Overlay, you can do so by using the Bulk Instance Updater Tool.