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What is it?

You are able to exclude data from specific instances from being used in reports, metrics and segments.

For example, you may have a car parking event which you never want to appear in you ticket sales analysis reports.  Additionally when extracting customers who have spent over a certain amount of money, you don't wish their car parking fees to be included in the calculation.

When setting up an event you can now specify that one or more instances are "excluded from metrics".  Options then appears in a number of places in the system to let you control whether Spektrix should take those instances into account when segmenting, reporting or calculating metrics.

We haven't changed anything as part of this release so all of your instances have been set to be included in metrics but the guide below will show you how to change that and what effects it will have on your system

How to use it.

  • Go to Control Panel > Admin > Events > Choose an Event > Choose an Instance
  • On the basic details screen change the "Include in Metrics" tick box as required.
  • (alternatively you can do this as you set up an event from scratch)

Ticking this box stops the data from that instance from appearing in the following areas of the system:

Calculated Metrics

We use metrics to output data into your reports - this can be something simple like "First Name" which just holds the first name data for the customer, or something more complex like "Average Spend Per Order" which the system calculates for you overnight by adding up the customer's spend across all of their orders.

For these calculated metrics you may not want certain instances being part of those calculations.  For example, you may have events set up as meal deals or car parking and you don't want any spend on those events to contribute to the customer's "Average Spend Per Order".  Unticking the "Include in Metrics" checkbox on these instances will stop that from happening.

Another common example is the "First Visit" metric, which is calculated overnight by looking through the customer's history and selecting the ticket which represents their first visit to the theatre (allowing you to report on which events had the most first visits).  If you don't want things like car parking to be treated as the first visit then excluding it from metrics will cause it to select the next non-excluded instance in the customer's history.


When including metrics related to Event or Event Instances in a criteria set, a checkbox for "Instances Included in Metrics" will automatically appear along with the metric. This box will be checked by default, meaning that the system will only report on instances that are not excluded.  For example, if you were looking for all ticket sales for last year, you would only get tickets back for events that were not excluded.

You can override this behaviour:

  • Unchecking this box will report only on instances that are excluded
  • Removing the checkbox altogether will report on included or excluded

Any custom reports that were put on your system from before R34 will not have changed (meaning they will report on included or excluded instances).  You can change this by adding the "Instances included in metrics" checkbox by editing the criteria for those reports

Customer Lists & Segments

Booking Segments

When dragging in criteria to a Booking segment you will now see that the "Instances included in metrics" checkbox will appear automatically - it will also default to being ticked.

This means that by default your booking segment will only extract people who meet the criteria you specify for events that are included in your metrics.

For example: If your booking segment is looking for people who attended 3 or more events last year and "Instances included in metrics" is ticked then you will only get customers who have attended 3 separate events and none of the instances are excluded.

You can override this behaviour:

  • Unchecking this box will extract people who have attended only excluded instances
  • Removing the checkbox altogether will extract people who have attended included or excluded instances

Purchasing Segments

For Purchasing profiles the checkbox will not automatically appear when dragging in criteria (because it does not apply to many of the items - such as donations).  You can add it manually by dragging it from Tickets > Event Instances.

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