Upselling Using Supplementary Events

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Supplementary Events are Events which you may want to upsell to your customer during their online booking journey.

Why use Supplementary Events?

Supplementary Events can be used to offer secondary spend items (e.g. pre-show dining / drinks package or car parking etc.) as your customer buys tickets for another Event on your website.  

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You can edit the heading (in this example, 'A place to eat and drink' to improve your experience) by navigating to the event setup under Admin > Events > Website and adding the text you want to include to the box marked Website Content.

More information on how you can use this can be found in our article on Editing content on iframes with Wikitext.

By setting an Event as Supplementary, it will be suggested to your customer as part of their booking journey when booking for another Event on your website. It will appear as an extra step in the booking journey, meaning the customer can either add the tickets to their Basket or just continue onwards.


Supplementary Events work by matching up with the time or date of Instances under one of your primary Events. You can then set, on an Event-by-Event basis, if you want Supplementary Events to link to a primary Event or not. Supplementary Events can still appear on your website like a normal Event, but will also be displayed when tickets are booked for an eligible primary Event.


There may be occasions where you need to filter out Supplementary Events from your main listings page, but this is something your web developers can assist with using Attributes.

Setting up Supplementary Events

You create a Supplementary Event in the same way that you would add any other Event to your system. Once the Event and its Instances have been created, you can then set it up to act as a Supplementary Event.


  1. Go to Admin > Events
  2. Find the Event that you want to make Supplementary and click on it
  3. Click on the tab called Supplementary Events and choose the option which says Allow [EVENTNAME] to act as a Supplementary Event
  4. Specify your required criteria to match up Event Instances with Supplementary Event Instances
  5. Specify your cross-selling options
  6. Click Save
  • In this example, the Supplementary Event is called 'Refreshments'



Linking Supplementary Events to a primary Event


  1. Find the Event you want to link your new Supplementary Event to in Admin > Events. Select it and click on Supplementary Events:
  2. All of the Supplementary Events which have matching Instances to your primary Event will be listed
  3. Tick which Supplementary Events you want to link and click Save
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Key considerations

  • You might want your Supplementary Events to be excluded from metrics so that they don't show up in certain reports such as Reattendance Analysis reports, First Visit calculations or any other Booking Segments in the Customer List Tool
  • If you can't see the Supplementary Event in the list for your Primary Event, check the date/time rules of the Supplementary Event to see if they match.
  • Check that your Supplementary Event is set to Live and On sale On Web – it will not appear otherwise

You should now be able to set up Supplementary Events.