Setting Up Merchandise

Nicola Bierton
Nicola Bierton
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Adding Merchandise to Spektrix is a great way to sell additional items (shop products or stock) to Customers and increase your revenue.

By the end of this article you will be able to:

  • Create new items of Merchandise
  • Make Merchandise available online
  • Manage your Merchandise
  • Attach Merchandise to Events
  • Use Merchandise as a Supplementary Event


Creating New Merchandise

When adding a new item of Merchandise, go to Admin > Other > Merchandise

To add a new item go to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add’

A new page will open for you to input the details about your Merchandise.

New stock item.PNG

REMINDER: Any sections marked with a red stripe must be filled in before you can continue.

You will need to provide details of the item, including:

  • Name - this will show internally and externally, so do ensure it is clear and descriptive.
  • Description - an optional box to write a description of the Merchandise item.
  • Image - you can upload a .jpg, or .jpeg image that will appear in your Sales Interface and, depending on your integration, on your website.
  • Image Alt Text - this box will appear once you have uploaded an image and will allow you to insert an image description for web accessibility.
  • Cost Price - the amount an item costs to produce, this is mainly used for reporting purposes and not visible to the customer.
  • Sale Price - how much you are selling the Merchandise item for. This is the price the customer will see.
  • Postage and Packaging - a cost per item that is separate from any Delivery Commissions
  • Track Stock Quantity - If you only have a limited number of stock items, this can be used to track the remaining quantity
  • Tax Code - the code for the item that can be used for financial reporting
  • Ticket Design - if you are printing something like Merchandise vouchers, you can set the design of the receipt or voucher you are printing.
  • Active? - select this to determine whether the Merchandise item is active or not.
  • An example of Adding a New Merchandise Item Example.PNG

TIP: You can add Merchandise Attributes to the new stock page including the type of merchandise and more, these are set on your Settings Interface.

Once you have entered the required information, click ‘Add’ and the merchandise will now be available for sale or to edit if you need to make further changes.


Making Merchandise Available Online

The Website tab on the left hand side allows you to choose whether you want the Merchandise item to display and be available online.

If you choose for the item to be displayed online, and have a standalone Merchandise page, you will need to add a description and/or image for the item in the Stock Item Detail. This uses wikitext markup, and will appear on your website via the use of an Iframe; which allows basic information regarding the items to be held.

You can choose to make the item deliverable by post, which means the customer will be charged the post and packing rate that you decided on the first screen. 



Changing Stock Quantity

On occasion, there may be the need to amend the total stock quantity that you have for Merchandise that has already been set up on the system. 

You can change stock quantity by going to the Admin Interface > Other > Merchandise and on this homepage, if your Merchandise item has ‘Track Stock Quantity’ selected, you can change the number of items available on this page. 




REMINDER: If the ‘Track Stock Quantity’ option is not selected, you will see a dash and won’t be able to amend the quantity available.


Cross-Selling Tools

You can set Merchandise items to be automatically recommended when the customer is at the basket. You can also change the item or amount of items that are recommended based on the event or the number of tickets in the basket. For example: if you add 3 tickets for an event to a basket, 3 programmes for that same event can be recommended.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Related Events tab
  2. Select the related event in the drop down list
  3. Click Add

It is possible to add Merchandise to multiple related Events. As soon as relevant tickets are added into the basket, your Merchandise item(s) will be recommended.

To change the number of Merchandise items that are recommended and added to the basket, go to the Cross Selling Options tab.

There are several rules you can put in place:


  • The same number of items as tickets
  • Always a set number of items
  • X number of items for every Y number of tickets

This means you can change the default number of Merchandise items depending on the item and tickets.


Using Merchandise as a Supplementary Event

Merchandise is a great way to add additional items to orders and to increase the overall basket total, but in some cases it might be more suitable to use as a Supplementary Event for Merchandise such as restaurant bookings, car parking or bar pre-orders. More information on how to set up a Supplementary Event, and examples, can be found in our Upselling Using Supplementary Events article.