Excluding an Event from Metrics

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Rachael Norris
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In this guide, we’ll cover the steps required to exclude an Event from Metrics.

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Why exclude an Event from Metrics?

A good example of why you might want to exclude Events from Metrics is if you have Events set up to sell items such as meal deals or car parking vouchers. If you don't want these to be included in your reports by default, you can choose to exclude these Instances from Metrics when creating Criteria Sets.

In the above example, the Instances included in metrics box is visible when creating Criteria Sets. Leaving the box ticked would report on all of your Events from the past year, apart from the ones which you have chosen to exclude.

TIP: You can use Supplementary Events to set up Events for things like car parking or meal vouchers. By setting an Event as Supplementary, it will be suggested to your customer as part of their booking journey when booking for another Event on your website.


How to exclude Events from Metrics

During the set up of an Event, you can specify that one or more Instances are excluded from Metrics. 

You can choose this option for existing Instances by following the steps below:

  • Go to Control Panel > Admin > Events
  • Choose the Event and then the Instance you want to update
  • On the basic details screen, click Edit to make changes
  • Untick the Include in Metrics check box

REMINDER: You can also choose to exclude an Event or Instance from Metrics when you are setting up a new Event by unticking the Include in Metrics check box


Reports and Segmentation

A checkbox called Instances Included in Metrics will display alongside the criteria by default when using Metrics related to the Event or Event Instances. You will see this happen when building Criteria Sets on Reports, and when building Segments in a Customer List or Auto Tags.

Some Criteria Sets on existing reports on your system may not have the Instances Included in Metrics check box. You can create your own Criteria Sets on reports as needed.

When the Instances Included in Metrics box displays, it will be checked by default, meaning that Instances you have chosen to exclude from Metrics will not be included in the report.

You can override this default behaviour in two different ways:

  • Unchecking this box will only report on the instances that are excluded from Metrics.
  • Removing the checkbox altogether will report on included and excluded Instances. Remove the check box by selecting the red X button next to the Included in Metrics when creating criteria sets.


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