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Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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The View from a Seat feature allows you to attach photographs of your auditorium to your Seating Plan. 

Why use View from a Seat?

View from a Seat gives customers an idea of what the view is like from the seat they are considering. This feature can improve the booking experience and save time for your team.


How does View from a Seat work?

During the booking process, the View from a Seat button will appear beside your Seating Plan. Clicking View from a Seat will display a version of the Seating Plan with image thumbnails over different areas which the customer can then click on to expand.

REMINDER: This video shows how thumbnails appear on your Seating Plan, it does not show clicking individual images and enlarging them. This is something you would need to work on with your web developer.

WARNING: Unlike Seating Plan Overlays, you can only upload one set of View From a Seat images per Seating Plan.


Setting Up View from a Seat

To set up this feature, you’ll need to:

  1. Configure the settings in the Website Admin Interface
  2. Upload a set of images into your Spektrix system
  3. Request your developer to apply changes to your website


Configuring Admin Settings

To allow this feature to work, View from Seats mode must first be enabled in your Website Admin settings. You will need to apply these settings on each website domain your system is integrated with that you would like to show View from a Seat. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Website Admin > Domain Specific Config.
  2. Scroll down to Website Javascipt Options, click Edit and select Enable view from seats mode
  3. Under Website Javascript Options, make sure you have a blank page URL set. This is a fully blank html file on your domain and is required for this feature to work. Your blank page URL is unique to your website.



Uploading images of your auditorium

You will need to capture and upload a range of images of your auditorium. Here are some tips for creating them.

  • We recommend using between three and ten images, depending on the complexity and size of your auditorium.
  • Choose a good range of seats that show the different parts of your auditorium but not so many that the choice is overwhelming and looks messy online!
  • The file you upload should be big enough to display on your site when expanded. We recommend this as minimum 500px wide and up to 4mb in file size.

Once you have your images, head to your Spektrix system to attach them to your Seating Plan.

  • In Admin > Seating choose the Seating Plan to which you want to add images
  • On the View From Seat tab click Edit
  • Select a seat to add an image to
  • Click Add View from Seat Image and upload your file

When displayed on your Seating Plan, images will appear as a thumbnail until they are clicked and enlarged.

Once you've added the images, each seat is assigned a letter. This is for your reference in the Admin Interface and won't display online to customers.



Request support from your web developer

A small update to your website is required to make the View from Seat thumbnails display online. Your web developer will need to add some lines of code that we provide . They will also need to write their own code to define the function that will allow you to expand and view the full size ‘view from seat’ image when it’s clicked. You can find the code and information needed for your web developer in our web integration guide.

  • Add the View from Seat code in the section of the HTML of your website
  • Define the javascript function that will allow you to click on the thumbnails and see the enlarged image.

We’ve now covered the key steps involved in setting up View from a Seat in Spektrix.

For more information about pricing and seating plans, see the Set up Events, Offers and Merchandise section of the Support Centre.