Criteria Groups

Harry Brett-Jones
Harry Brett-Jones
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Criteria Groups are a feature in Spektrix designed to help you save time by grouping together customers based on existing criteria such as tags, attributes or memberships. By combining commonly-used sets of criteria into single groups you can then add potentially large criteria sets in a single go when setting up things like Offers or Priority Booking.

For example you might want to set up an Offer which applies to all members, regardless of the membership they hold.

  • Option A - add each membership individually: multiple clicks, dragging each membership into the criteria section of the Offer.
  • Option B - add a single Criteria Group: a single click, selecting one criteria option covering all memberships.

How do I set a Criteria Group up?

You can create new Criteria Sets in the Admin Interface, under Customers > Criteria Groups.


Before you create a Criteria Group you should decide upon the exact criteria that it’s going to use. Whether that’s tags, memberships, attributes or any other criteria, make sure you’ve created all of the individual items before you set up your Criteria Group.

When you’re ready to create a new Criteria Group just click the Add button and you’ll see the Add Criteria Group screen.


From here you can add a Name and a Description, then choose which criteria you want to include. Click on a criteria section to expand it and see all of the individual items, then drag each one down to the Drop criteria here section to add it.

You can add criteria using either AND logic or OR logic.


  • If you use AND logic, customers will need to meet all of the criteria to be included. In the example above that means customers would need to have the Friend membership and the Friend tag.


  • If you use OR logic, customers will need to meet one or more of the criteria to be included. In the example above they would need to have one of the memberships.

How do I use a Criteria Group

Once you’ve set a Criteria Group up, you can use it in the same way you would any other criteria - anywhere you see the customer criteria picker, you can use a Criteria Group. Here are a few examples:

  • Offers: Eligibility.
  • Funds: Customer Criteria.
  • Priority Booking: Customer Criteria.
  • Ticket Commissions: Waive Criteria.

When you see the criteria picker, one of the sections will be labelled Criteria Groups.

Instead of dragging down multiple criteria sets, just drag the relevant Criteria Group into the Drop criteria here section.


If you have any further questions regarding Criteria Groups, please get in touch with the Spektrix Support Team.