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Dave McNamara
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If you print tickets for customers using a Ticket Printer such as a BOCA or Stimare Printer, you will need to use thermal tickets. Thermal tickets are printed by heating the surface of the ticket rather than using ink, thus avoiding the need to purchase or replace ink or toner cartridges.

Even if you supply e-tickets to customers, having at least one Ticket Printer in the box office is still essential for most organisations.

This article provides a brief overview of Thermal Tickets, how to source a supplier and how to decide on your ticket specifications.


Thermal Tickets

Most models of Ticket Printer used with Spektrix are Thermal Printers. Thermal Printers print by heating coated thermal paper as it passes through the print head. A thermal printer needs tickets that are specially produced to react to heatstandard paper stock will not work in a thermal ticket printer.

Thermal printing allows you to print tickets in volume, without needing to replace inks as you would with conventional printers.

Ticket stock usually comes in a roll or ‘fanfold' (a concertina-like bundle). Each printer model requires ticket stock that complies with its own specifications for dimensions and weight (often referred to as GSM or Grams per Square Metre).

Most printers provide a degree of flexibility in terms of the size and GSM of the ticket stock you can use. Printer manuals should provide the details of what will be compatible with your chosen model. Bear in mind that if you use more than one type of Ticket Printer, ticket stock will need to be compatible across all models.

For more information regarding technical specifications, refer to the relevant manual, or manufacturer’s website, for each Ticket Printer.


Ticket Specifications

When purchasing ticket stock, some key considerations are:

  1. What size and GSM stock do you require? Most Ticket Printers will have some flexibility, but always check compatibility with the printer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Does your organisation use more than one model of Ticket Printer? Check that any tickets you order will work with all Ticket Printers used.
  3. What information/designs do you intend to print on your tickets? Will you need to print on both sides of the ticket (e.g. when printing advertisements/Terms & Conditions on the reverse)?
  4. Will any logos/images pre-printed on your ticket stock allow enough space to print the ticket information? Note: Logos and images on tickets must be printed during the manufacturing process; they can’t be added in Spektrix.
  5. Will your tickets have a stub, and what information will this contain? A stub is a small portion (often perforated) of the end of each ticket, where the ticket can be torn and one end retained by the customer.
  6. Will your tickets have a notch (normally a black square or band of the front or reverse of the ticket). This is used by the printer to detect where to start printing.
  7. Will your tickets need any special features such as holograms? Where will these be positioned? You will need to take this into account when creating your Ticket Design layout using the Ticket Design Tool.
  8. In what quantities will you be batch printing? If you regularly print in large batches (for example when a new season goes on sale), ordering tickets in large stacks means they can be left printing.


Finding a Ticket Stock supplier

Both BOCA and Stimare can supply ticket stock; Stimare can also point you to some of their recommended partners. You can find more information here:

We’ve also listed some suppliers below, who will be able to help with any questions or special requirements:

  • If you're looking for a ticket supplier in the UK and Ireland, consider the following options:

    Tungate Group

    Tungate Group is well established and provides a range of ticket stock options compatible with most known brands of ticket printers, as well a range of other bespoke custom print services.


    Kalamazoo Direct

    Kalamazoo Direct specialise in providing design and print services for various secure document types, with an emphasis on security features and security accreditation.


    Thermal Tickets

    Thermal Tickets focus solely on providing ticketing stock and other print solutions for venues and events, working closely with clients to meet their thermal printing needs.


    Premier Roll South

    Premier Roll South work with a wide spectrum of established clients to provide design and printing services with a large selection of options available.


  • If you're looking for a ticket supplier in the US and Canada, contact:

    Weldon, Williams and Lick

    Weldon, Williams and Lick provide a range of custom ticketing options, as well as providing samples on request.


Further information

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