Ordering a Ticket Printer (UK and Ireland)

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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If your box office provides printed tickets or card receipts to customers, you’ll need at least one Ticket Printer. This article looks at the options available and how to choose and order a Ticket Printer.

The article also provides links to help you install your Ticket Printer.

This article is for Spektrix users in the UK and Ireland. Users in the US and Canada should refer to Ordering a Ticket Printer (US and Canada).


Choosing a Printer

You can connect a range of Ticket Printers to Spektrix. Most organisations choose BOCA or Stimare printers.

You should consider the following when deciding upon which model is best for your organisation:

  • Size of printer - how much space is available in your box office
  • Whether you need the printer to cut tickets
  • Speed of printing

TIP: The printers below are all compatible with Spektrix. Using the same model across your organisation will ensure that all units work with your existing ticket designs.


Stimare Printers

Stimare CMP and CLS printers both work with Spektrix. The smaller SML printer has now been discontinued, although you can continue to use SML printers with Spektrix.

You can view CMP and CLS printers on the Stimare website.

  • The STIMA CMP is a large desktop ticket printer measuring 19.3cm in height, 21.6cm in width and in 25.2cm length. It has a printing speed of up to 25.0cm per second.


  • The STIMA CLS is a heavy duty desktop Ticket Printer with an integrated cutter, measuring 19.3cm in height, 21.6cm in width and in 25.2cm length. It has a printing speed of up to 25.0cm per second.


Stimare SML and CMP printers don’t have a cutter so you will need to tear tickets manually after printing.

Stimare printers have a 24 month manufacturer's warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and component failure during normal use.


BOCA Printers

The BOCA printers most widely chosen by Spektrix Users are the Lemur X and Lemur C printers.

You can see the range of Lemur X and Lemur C printers on the manufacturer’s website.

  • The Lemur X printer is the smaller of the printers measuring 10.2cm in height, 11.1cm in width and 12.6cm in length. It has a printing speed of up to 25.0cm per second.


  • The Lemur C is slightly larger, measuring 16.5cm in height, 16.8cm in width and 17.0cm in length. It has a printing speed of up to 20.0cm per second.


Both BOCA printers have an integrated cutter, for using non perforated ticket stock.

BOCA printers have a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty on print heads is 90 days. All warranties are based on normal use of the equipment.


Ordering a Printer

Once you have chosen your preferred printer, please contact Spektrix Support to obtain the latest prices and raise a quote. 

Please have the following information ready:

  1. Printer Make and Model
  2. Your Contact Name
  3. Your Delivery Address
  4. Your Contact Email
  5. Your Contact Telephone Number

Once a quote has been raised, our Accounts team will email you with details of how to proceed.


Printer Installation

Ticket Printers connect to Spektrix through the Box Office App.

Once you’ve purchased your Ticket printer, the next step is to install and configure the printer.

Refer to these articles, depending on your choice of printer:

You now have all the information you need to choose and order Ticket Printers.