Introduction to V400c Plus and V400m Spektrix Payments Terminals

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Payment Terminals (also known as PIN Pads, Chip & PIN, Chip Readers or PEDS/peds) are devices that enable you to take in person credit and debit card payments.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how a Payment Terminal works for users of Spektrix Payments. You’ll also find links to other Support Centre articles to help you set up and customise your Payment Terminals.

This article is for users of Spektrix Payments in all regions. If you don’t use Spektrix Payments, refer to the following articles, depending on your region:

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How Terminals work with Spektrix Payments

Traditionally, Chip and PIN hardware is installed locally on a PC and connects to Spektrix through the Box Office App.

However, Spektrix Payments is a cloud based solution, which means that no hardware installation is required. Of course, you’ll need to set up the Payment Terminal before it can be used.

TIP: The Box Office app is still required for connected printers and USB cash drawers.

Spektrix Payments only works with integrated Payment Terminals. These may differ from other payment devices you use in your organisation.

Integrated payments are processed directly through Spektrix and sent to Adyen. Adyen then sends these payments directly to your business bank account. This differs from other payment methods (e.g. cash, cheque, BACS etc) which are not integrated and are processed outside of Spektrix.


How to set up a V400c Plus and V400m Spektrix Payments Terminal

Spektrix Payments Terminals need to be set up before they can be used to take payments. This involves connecting the Payment Terminal to your Wi-Fi network.

For full details of how to set up the Payment Terminals, read Setting up a V400c Plus and V400m Spektrix Payments Terminal.


Troubleshooting a V400c and V400m Spektrix Payments Terminal

If you encounter any difficulty setting up or using your Payment Termina;, you’ll find help in the following article:

This article should give you an Introduction to Spektrix Payments Terminals. To learn more about hardware, visit the Set up and troubleshoot hardware section of our Support Centre.