Introduction to Chip Readers (U.S Only)

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Dave McNamara
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Chip Readers (also known as Chip & PIN machines, PIN Pads or PEDs/peds) are devices that enable you to take payment by Credit and Debit Card in the box office.

This article offers an overview of how Chip Readers work with Spektrix and provides link to help you purchase and set up Chip Readers for your organization.

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Spektrix works with the Ingenico Lane 3000 Chip Reader, for payments by Chip and Tap to Pay. You’ll find more information about this in the next section, How Chip Readers work with Spektrix.

TIP: Spektrix users - note that Chip Readers can only be used with Windows Computers.


How Chip Readers work with Spektrix

Chip Readers connect to Spektrix through the Spektrix Box Office App. The Box Office App is a piece of software which allows Spektrix to communicate with hardware such as Chip Readers and Ticket Printers.

You’ll need to install the Box Office App on every PC to which you plan to connect a Chip Reader.

You can see the Box Office App in this video:

Note: this video uses Windows 10 Pro. Your screen layout may vary depending on which version of Windows you use.

Spektrix only works with integrated Chip Readers. These differ from some Chip Readers/PIN Pads you may use elsewhere in your organisation. Integrated payments are processed directly through Spektrix and forwarded via the Worldpay gateway to Worldpay. This is different to other payment methods (e.g. cash, cheque, BACS etc) which are not integrated and are processed outside of Spektrix.

You need to use a specific Chip Reader with Spektrix. Spektrix currently integrates with the Ingenico Lane 3000 Chip Reader, using Worldpay as the Payment Service Provider (PSP). 

Customers insert their card into the device to make payment, so that the chip can be read. Customers using Tap to Pay simply tap their card on the Chip Reader.  US clients who wish to swipe payment cards will need to purchase their own card swipes.

TIP: The Ingenico Lane 3000 is only available for US Clients who add Worldpay as their card payment gateway for Chip Readers. If you would like to begin using the Ingenico Lane 3000, please contact Support.

Clients who use other Payment Service Providers, such as, can continue to use that provider, but will need to add Worldpay for Chip Card payments taken using the Ingenico Lane 3000.


How to order a Chip Reader

Spektrix uses the Ingenico Lane 3000 integrated Chip Reader, provided by either Worldpay (part of FIS Global) or POS Portal. Which of these providers you order from will depend on which company processes your payments.

For more information on how to order the Ingenico Lane 3000 Chip Reader, and which provider to use, read our article Ordering a Chip Reader (US Only)


How to set up a Chip Reader

Once you receive your Chip Reader, it will need to be set up and configured before it can be used to take payments. This involves downloading and installing software to each PC to which you’ll connect your Chip Reader.

For full details of how to set up the Ingenico Lane 3000 Chip Reader, including where to find the required software, read the following article:


How to troubleshoot Chip Readers

If you encounter any issues while setting up or using your Chip Reader, you’ll find help in the following article:


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