How to Create a Price List

Jessica Abejar
Jessica Abejar
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A Price List is used to specify the cost of each of your Ticket Types for a particular Event. In this guide, you will learn how to create and configure Price Lists.

Before you read this article, make sure you’re familiar with:

Before you can create a Price List, you'll first need to ensure you created the correct Ticket Types. If you're creating a Price List for an Event with a reserved seating plan, you'll also need to be sure you created the right Price Bands, as well as the appropriate Price Band Overlay for your seating plan.

Creating a Price List

To create a Price List, go to Admin > Pricing > Price Lists:


Here you will see all your Price Lists. Scroll down to click Add to create a new one. This will launch a pop-up with a matrix of all your active Ticket Types and all your Price Bands:


  1. Name: Give your Price List a clear, descriptive name. The Name can have a general name for a standard price list across all Events (for example “2021-2022 Mainstage Price List”) break down the defined values (for example “$40 Adult / $30 Senior / General Admission”) or reflect the name of the Event you're using it for (for example “2022 Season - Hamlet”).
  2. Description: Though this field is optional, we recommend completing it to help you understand your Price List’s function (for example “Standard price list for Mainstage shows excluding Previews and Opening Night”).

Setting Prices for Each Ticket Type and Price Band

In order for a Ticket Type to be available in a Price List, it needs to be assigned a monetary value; this includes your complimentary tickets, which you'll need to assign a value of $0. If your reserved seating plan has multiple Price Bands, you can set a different value for each Price Band.

In the example below, the following Ticket Types are available in the Price List for 'Hamlet':

  • Adult
  • Comp
  • Senior (65+)
  • Student (with valid ID)

These Ticket Types are available in the following Price Bands:

  • Premium Seating
  • Standard Seating

Active Duty/Veteran and Child (5-12) Ticket Types are not available in the Price List for 'Hamlet'. In the Seating Plan used together with this Price List, only the Premium Seating and Standard Seating bands are included in the Price Band Overlay.


Using the 'Hamlet' Price List as an example, an audience member can purchase an Adult ticket in Premium Seating for $75 while another audience member can purchase a Senior (65+) ticket in Standard Seating for $40.

Setting a Default Ticket Type for Each Price Band

For each Price Band, you can also set a default Ticket Type for both online and in the Sales Interface by clicking the radio buttons under S (for Sales Interface) and W (for web) next to the Ticket Type you wish to make the default. This means that, when a seat is selected in a particular Price Band, the default Ticket Type will be added to the basket; this can then be changed as needed. We generally recommend you set your Standard/Regular/Adult/Full Price tickets as the default, knowing customers can change them in the basket as required.

In the example below, a seat selected in Premium Seating will add an Adult ticket to the basket; a ticket selected in Standard Seating will add a Student (with a valid ID) ticket:


Any Normal Ticket Types will not have a radio button beneath the W heading, as these cannot be bought online. Using the 'Hamlet' Price List as an example, the Comp Ticket Types cannot be set as default Ticket Types.

Once you've entered all the prices required, click Save. Your Price List is now available for use in an Event.

Selecting a Price List for Events

Selecting a Price List for Events is done at the Instance level. In the Details screen of the Add Event Instance page, you can select your Price List from the dropdown.


As Price Lists are set at the Instance level, you will be able to assign different Price Lists for different Instances of the same Event. For example, you can create a Price List named “Hamlet - Evening Performances” and another Price List named “Hamlet - Matinee Performances”.

Copying Price Lists

You can make a copy of a Price List by clicking Copy and typing a new name and description in the pop-up. Click Save to create the copy.


Creating Fixed Series Price Lists

Price Lists for Fixed Series are created in the exact same manner but are listed in their own list below the list of regular Price Lists in Admin > Pricing > Price Lists. Fixed Series Price Lists cannot be copied.