Reconciling Card Payments

Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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Reconciling your payments between Spektrix and your payment provider should be a simple process, and every Spektrix venue has been provided with login details for the web interfaces of their payment service provider. This page offers guidelines on running their reports, both for daily reconciliation and individual payments.

Identifying your Payment Provider accounts

Your bank will distinguish between the card payments you take in three different ways (since they attract different commissions and fees). You will see these accounts referred to as:

  • Ecommerce
  • MOTO
  • Chip & PIN

These correspond with the following Spektrix payment methods:

  • Your website
  • Card (over the phone)
  • Chip & PIN

MOTO stands for "Mail order/Telephone order" and is used for transactions where the customer is not present when payment is authorised. In the Spektrix Sales Interface, every time you use the option for 'Card', that particular payment will be processed as a MOTO transaction.

Spektrix Support can provide you with the details of your payment providers if you are not sure.

Note that PayPal orders, and card payments processed through a PDQ machine connected to your phone line, will be accounted for separately. Contact Spektrix Support if you'd like to discuss reconciling these!

What are Batches?

The card payments you receive are processed in batches.

All the individual card payments will be provisionally confirmed when the customer buys their tickets with you, and the order will be confirmed in Spektrix - but they are not yet settled with the bank. At a set time - usually just after midnight - all the confirmed transactions will be compiled into a payment file, and electronically sent to the banks, at which point they will transfer the money. These daily files are called batches and their totals will match the amount of money being posted into your venue's bank account each day.

You will see these batch groups in YESpay/Sage Pay, but not in Spektrix.

Reconciling your Totals

  1. Look up the date range in Spektrix using the Payments & Activities report, or another accounting report, to see the total you have taken in card payments.
  2. Match this date range using the YESpay/Sage Pay reports (see below), and you should find the same total appearing.
  3. Check the amounts coming into your bank account. Remember to cross-check these with the YESpay/Sage Pay batch amounts, rather than Spektrix reports, as the two may differ. >> Click here to see why, and how to reconcile any differences.

We recommend reconciling your payments on a daily basis, so that any discrepencies can be easily located and understood.

Reconciling Individual Payments

Sometimes you may need to manually confirm whether a payment was successfully authorised or not. You will need to access the live transactions list within the payment provider software, and to cross-check the Spektrix/payment details to find a match.

  1. Gather as much information about the payment from Spektrix as you can:
    • Last 4 digits of the card number
    • Date and time of transaction
    • The amount
    • Customer name and details [you can match these in Sage Pay, but not YESpay]
     If the payment details have not been recorded in Spektrix, you may need to get this information from the cashier or customer

  2. Look up the transaction through the YESpay/Sage Pay reports and try to match the details.
  3. If you cannot find an obvious match, then you should widen your search to look outside the date/time range, in case the payment was authorised earlier/later than expected.


Using the information above, you should now be able to reconcile card payments.