Open Transactions

Paul Worrall
Paul Worrall
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This article will guide you through what an Open Transaction is, where to find them and how to manage them.


What is an Open Transaction?

Open transactions are Orders that have been started but not completed. 

This could be due to transactions timing out, customers navigating to another site while making a purchase or interrupting a sale in Spektrix, for example logging out while performing a Sale.

Timeout expiry for transactions without a payment in the Basket/Cart:

  • Online transactions: 10 minutes
  • API Transactions: 20 minutes
  • Transactions in the Sales Interface: 40 minutes

Transactions with a payment in the Basket/Cart won't time out. To manage these transactions you’ll find them in Open Transactions.


Where to find Open Transactions

To find Open Transactions, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Control Panel icon in the bottom left corner of Spektrix:



  2. Go to Open Transactions:



  3. Click to Select a transaction to load and you’ll see all Open Transactions:



TIP: Web transactions with a current timestamp are Orders currently in progress.

If you open one of these transactions, you'll take over the transaction and the customer won't be able to complete their Order.


How to load an Open Transaction

To load an Open Transaction, select the Open Transaction. You’ll see the Load Transaction screen:



Click Ok to load the transaction. Your Basket/Cart will now contain the contents of the Order.

WARNING: Once you click Ok to continue, you’ll take over the transaction and become the Owner. The original transaction Owner won’t be able to access the transaction until it has been confirmed.


How to Confirm an Open Transaction

Once you’ve loaded the Open transaction if the payment has been made you can Confirm the Order in the usual way.

Read Performing a Sale for more information.


How to cancel an Open Transaction

Once you’ve loaded the Open Transaction, check for payments made. If no payments have been taken you can cancel the transaction by clicking Cancel:



If you want to cancel a transaction where a payment has been taken, read Cancelling a Payment for more information.


How often should I check for Open Transactions?

Open Transactions should be checked on a daily or weekly basis as part of the Box Office team's tasks.


What if I select an Open Transaction in error?

If you select an Open Transaction in error you’ll need to log out of Spektrix and log in again. The Open Transaction you selected will be returned to the Open Transactions list in the Control Panel. The Open Transaction will be available for another User to select.


You should have the information you need to manage Open Transactions. For more information on Orders, go to the Managing Orders section of our Support Centre