Quick Guide - Performing a Sale

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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A basic sale

  1. In the basket select the Sales Channel for this transaction. The basket will be set up for a new transaction.

  2. Select the Events Tab.

  3. Search for the Event you want to sell tickets for and then click on it to select it.

  4. You will be shown a searchable diary of upcoming Event Instances.  Click on the one you want to sell tickets for.

  5. Enter the quantities of each type of ticket you would like to sell (or select seats from the plan) and click the blue Update Basket button.

  6. The tickets will be added to your basket.

  7. To add more tickets for a different Event, find the event and and repeat steps 3-5

  8. Go to the Customers Tab and do a search by typing the lastname then a comma and then the firstname [It doesn't matter if you don't know all off the name - type as much as you know (e.g "griff,char" for Charlie Griffiths)]

  9. If required add a new one as detailed in Searching for, Selecting and Adding Customer Records.

  10. Once you have found or created the Customer, use the blue Add to Basket icon to add them to the basket. 

  11. Select the Delivery method in the basket.  For Postal you will also need to select an address for the customer.

  12. If the basket is not already fully displayed, click on the arrow button to the left hand side of the Basket to open it up (or click on the ‘payments’ button).

  13. For a card payment, enter the required details and select the billing address as appropriate.  Click OK to authorise the payment - see troubleshooting card payments if a card payment fails to complete properly

  14. There should now be £0.00 remaining to pay.  Click the Confirm and Print button to complete the transaction and print the tickets (or use the drop down to print the tickets later or mark them as printed - the default option can be changed in Admin > System > System Config)

  15. A list of the purchased tickets will appear.  Note the order number at the top of the screen and give it to the customer.

  16. Click Print to print them now, Print Later to leave them to be printed at some point in the future or Mark as Printed to have Spektrix mark the tickets as printed so that they don't ever come up in batch prints or future prints

  17. The basket will clear itself ready for the next transaction.