The Customer Questionnaire

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Rachael Norris
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The Customer Questionnaire is designed to gather data that can be used to analyse marketing activity. 

WARNING: This feature is only available online for websites using Classic Checkout, it is not available in Express Checkout flow.


Why use the Customer Questionnaire?

You can use the Customer Questionnaire to collect data about how your customers heard about your events at the point of sale.

For example, your marketing team might recently have run a newspaper ad, or handed out flyers in a busy area. Asking your customers where they found out about your event means you can analyse which marketing methods are working the best. Reporting on how customers found out about events can also allow you to calculate return on investment for any paid marketing (ROI), helping you understand where to invest in the future.

The questionnaire can be prompted both online and in the Sales Interface and is always optional. Users are able to skip the Questionnaire so if the customer does not wish to answer, incorrect data is not inputted. You can choose to display a different question based on the sales channel, but the answers you input will be the same. 


TIP: From the Standard Reports available in Spektrix, the Customer Questionnaire Analysis and the Customer Behaviour Analysis report allow you to report on Customer Questionnaire answers.



How to create a Customer Questionnaire

Go to Admin > Customers > Questionnaire.

To switch on the Customer Questionnaire check the boxes next to Prompt on: for Sales and Web.


Create an answer for each of the marketing methods you want to track. Examples might include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, word of mouth, poster, flyer, etc.

To create a new option, click Add and type in the option. You can edit these at any time by clicking the pencil icon. Use the red X to remove an option.



You can use the yellow arrows to change the order of the answers, moving them up and down. You can also add sub-answers if you wanted to list multiple answers under one answer. For example, under Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok.


You can also check the box under the column Allow free text to prompt users to enter free text instead of or as well as choose one of the available options. This can be used to give the option of choosing ‘Other’ if the customer heard about your event via a method that is not listed. Allowing free text fields can help you discover ways you aren’t aware of that customers are hearing about your events.


How the Questionnaire appears Online / in the Sales Interface


Once you've enabled the Questionnaire, anyone using the Sales Interface will be prompted to ask where the customer heard about the event under the Pre Payment Options tab:



You can also see the Customer Questionnaire information within each Order.



Online, customers will be prompted with the Questionnaire during the check out flow, after the Payment has been made. 




How to see the results of the Customer Questionnaire

You can see the results to the Customer Questionnaire on each individual Order that it is submitted.
You can also see responses to this on the Customer Questionnaire Analysis Report and the Customer Behaviour Report.

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