Taking a deposit on an order

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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What is it?

You can take a deposit payment against a reservation. You can then use that deposit as part of the payment for the order when you come to settle it later on.

You’ve always been able to issue credit against a customer in Spektrix - however, it’s now possible to add credit to a specific order in the form of a deposit.

How to use it

It's probably easiest to explain through an example so lets say:

  • You take a reservation for 20 tickets – the total value of the reservation is £200
  • You want to take a deposit of £20 to secure that reservation

Taking a deposit

Add the tickets to your basket and reserve them (make sure you add a customer and an order note if necessary).

  • Head to the payments tab and select the payment (or payments) that you're taking.
  • In the Payment Options screen, tick the 'Take as deposit' box and add a reference if needed.
  • Your payment will then be added to the basket along with the corresponding deposit, balancing the basket.
  • You can then confirm your order as usual.

Paying for an order with a deposit
You’ll notice that when you look up an order that contains a deposit we’ve added a handy tooltip that lets you know that a deposit is outstanding.

In the order search it looks like this:

To use the deposit:

  • Go to the order
  • Select the reservations and click "Buy" (or edit the order if you're in group mode)
  • To take the deposit as payment, head to the ‘Credit, deposit & vouchers’ tab in the basket and click on ‘Use deposit’ – you’ll notice that the tool-tip will appear in the basket too.
  • You’ll then be able to take the remaining amount via the ‘Payments’ tab and confirm the order.

If a customer changes their mind!

We know that bookers (especially group bookers) can change their mind a lot of times about how many tickets they want, what date they want to attend and what ticket types they need.

Don’t worry – once the deposit is paid you can edit the reservation as much as you like – it’s only when you come to confirm the booking that you need to use the deposit and take it off the amount to pay.

Important Information

If you’ve been using custom payments or invoices to handle your deposits up to this point you may need a few changes to your Invoice or Proforma templates.  Just pop your requested changes in a report request form and the support team will make the changes for you.