How to set up Ticket Commissions

Nicola Bierton
Nicola Bierton
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What are Ticket Commissions?

Ticket Commissions are charges that can be applied to individual tickets using a Ticket Commission Structure.  Multiple sets of Ticket Commission Structures can be built and applied to different Instances. 

A Ticket Commission can be set as a specific amount or percentage of the ticket price, and can be waived automatically for certain Customers Online and in the Box Office.

Before you read this article, make sure you are familiar with: 

  1. Customer Eligibility Chooser
  2. Ticket Types
  3. Creating A Price List
  4. Amending A Price List

Setting up Ticket Commission Structures

You will need to ensure that you have set up all required Ticket Types on the system before setting up Ticket Commission Structures.

To set up a new Ticket Commissions Structure, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Admin Interface > Pricing > Ticket Commissions
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Add
  3. In the pop up, give the Ticket Commission Structure a name and description, then choose a type

    Global Fixed Value or Global Percentage:
     This means that all Tickets in use for the Event will have the same value or percentage charge on the Counter, Web and Phone.

    Custom fixed or Custom Percentage by each Sales Channel, Priceband and Ticket Type: This setting will let you set a different value or percentage based on a combination of Sales Channel, Priceband and Ticket Type.

    If you choose a custom setting, the next step allows you to set the value or percentage against each Ticket Type.  The amount you set here is the fee that will be added to the Ticket price.

  4. If you selected a Custom option, you can set up the different amounts for the Counter, Web and Phone by using the tabs at the top of the screen
  5. Click Next
  6. Specify any Waive Criteria if applicable

    You may have a Corporate Membership which gives members booking. Dragging Corporate Membership from the Membership criteria into the dotted section would mean that any Customer who has a membership would not pay any Commission. Criteria.jpg
  7. Click Save 


Ticket Commissions will not automatically be applied to any Instances on the platform, so you will need to apply these to built Events.

Applying Ticket Commissions to new Instances

When you are creating a new Event, add the Ticket Commission on the Instance level using the Ticket Commission dropdown; select the relevant Commission structure.




If you are editing an existing event you will need to go through to each Instance and edit it to set the new Commission structure. Alternatively you can use the Bulk Instance Updater Tool to update multiple Instances

Editing Commission Structures

In order to edit Ticket Commissions, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Admin Interface > Events
  • Select the correct Event
  • Select the Instance required
  • Go to the Ticket Commission tab
  • Click Edit.
  • Make any changes
  • Click Save



Choosing how to display Commissions

You can change the setting in the Control Panel by going to Settings > Configuration > System Setup > Price Lists

There are two views to be aware of the commissions showing on the Sales Interface and the view on your Website.

Sales Interface


  1. Itemise Commission: Is to show any ticket commissions as part of the total price.  This means that anywhere the price of the ticket is shown (in confirmation emails, seating plans and price lists) your customers will see the price of the ticket and the fee as separate items.

    If you have a £37 ticket with a £1 ticket commission, your customers will see a price of £37 + £1
  2. Do Not Itemise Commission: If you switch this on your customers will see the total price of the ticket plus the fee with the breakdown of the fee in brackets:

    If you have a £37 ticket with a £1 ticket commission, your customers will see: £38 (inc. £1 cmsn)

Website View

The website view will differ from the Sales Interface, and you will find in the toggle boxes below examples.

  1. Itemise Commission: This will show the full price of the ticket, including the Commission.

    If you have a £9.95 ticket with a £1.20 ticket commission, your customers will see a price of £11.15 + £1.20
  2. Do Not Itemise Commission: This will show ONLY the price and nothing within brackets.


Commission Displayed in Seating Plans

Ticket Commission will display different on Seating Plans depending on whether you're viewing the plan in the Sales Interface or on the website.

A Reserved Seating Plan in the Sales Interface displays the Ticket price without the commission:

commission sales interface.PNG


A Reserved Seating Plan on your website displays the Ticket price including the commission as a total price:

with commission.PNG


TIP: Depending on how you choose to display your Ticket Commission Itemised, or not Itemised, this will display in the same way on any Confirmation emails, Ticket Designs and receipts.


You should now have the information you need to configure Ticket Commissions.

You can find more articles on Setting Up and Editing Events in the Set up Events, Offers, Subscriptions and Merchandise section of the Support Centre.