Introduction to Commissions

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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In this article we’ll explain the different types of Commissions you can set up in Spektrix and why you might want to use Commissions. You’ll also find links to other helpful articles.


What are Commissions?

Commissions are charges you can apply to Tickets or Basket/Cart as part of a Sale.

The following Commissions are available in Spektrix:


Agent Commissions

Agent Commissions are used to calculate the money that an Agent would receive for selling tickets on your behalf.

An Agent Commission rate is calculated inside the Ticket price. The value of the commission calculated is the amount of the ticket price retained by the Agent.

For example, you might allocate a number of Tickets to an Agency to sell on your behalf. Your agreement with the Agency could be that they keep 20% of the value of each ticket they sell. The Agency will then pay you the remaining 80% of the Ticket value.

Read Setting up Agent Commission Structures for more information.


Delivery Commissions

Delivery Commissions let you charge an extra fee for certain Delivery Methods. 

For example, you might wish to charge £2.00 for your postal delivery method to cover the cost of envelopes and postage.

You can also charge Delivery Commissions against certain Merchandise items in the Basket/Cart.

Delivery Commission and Merchandise Delivery Commission can only be applied once to each Basket/Cart, regardless of the quantity of Tickets or Merchandise items in the Basket/Cart. 

For example, if you have a Basket/Cart with three tickets and two Merchandise items, you can only charge Delivery Commission and Merchandise Delivery Commission once.

Read How to Set up Delivery Commissions for more information.


Ticket Commissions

Ticket Commissions are charges you can apply to cover the cost of a booking. Ticket Commissions are applied using a Ticket Commission Structure.

A Ticket Commission Structure lets you set fees based on a fixed value, percentage of Ticket price or a fixed value depending on the Sales Channel, Price band and Ticket Type.

Read How to set up Ticket Commissions for more information. 


Transaction Commissions

Transaction Commissions are additional fees you can charge the customer per transaction. A Transaction is a record of a Sale that takes place within your system.

You might use Transaction Commissions, for example, to cover the cost of processing Orders over the phone. You can set different Transaction Commissions based on the Sales Channel (Phone, Web and Counter).

Read How to Set up Transaction Commissions for more information.


This article should give you an Introduction to Commissions. To learn more, visit the Commissions section of the Support Centre.