Seat Attributes

Richard Bates
Richard Bates
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What is it?

Seat Attributes allow you to set extra information against individual seats. These can then be used in reporting or ticket designs.

The most common use of these is to set a Door or Entrance Number against each seat, which is printed on the ticket to help visitors find their way on arrival.

Unlike Seating Plan Overlays, you can only have one configuration of Seat Attributes per Seating Plan.

How do I set it up?

Attribute Templates

Firstly, you need to set up your attribute templates. For more info on custom attributes, see here.

Attaching Seats to Attributes

In Admin > Seating Plans select the seating plan you wish to set the attributes on. Seat Attributes cannot be attached to unreserved seats.

  1. Select the seats to which you wish to attach attributes
  2. Click Add Attribute Value Set. Here you need to define the combination of each set of Seat Attributes for those seats.
  3. Confirm the pop up. You will notice that a capital letter is used to mark the seats you have edited. This is only for your reference in the Admin interface
  4. To add other seats to the same Attribute Value Set, select them and click the capital letter in the bottom menu, or click Add Attribute Value Set to make a new unique combination.