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Web content is the text or visual content used on your site, which you can use to add information about items such as Merchandise, Memberships, Fixed Series, Events, and Offers to appear on your website.

You'll need to use website content if you do not have a separate CMS for Events. Website content also needs to be set up for all Supplementary Events, and is used in Custom Website Messages.

This article will walk you through how to set up and edit Website Content.


Spektrix and Content Management Systems (CMS) 

You can display content from your Spektrix system on your website in a variety of ways. 

Many organizations use a Content Management System (CMS) to manage their websites.  Spektrix can be integrated with websites using iframes or through an API. 

Depending on how your website is integrated with Spektrix, you may want to host some information about your Events in your Spektrix system.


How to set up Website Content 

To add Website content, go to the Admin Interface and open up the item you would like to edit. Click Website from the tabs on the left side of the screen, then select the Edit button. 

Editing your Website Content 

Once you enter editing mode, the Wikitext Formatting help box will appear on the right. You can refer to this guide to create content with the styling that you want.



Wikitext markup is automatically converted to HTML so that it can be displayed on your website. Below is a detailed conversion guide between Wikitext and HTML:


Wikitext Generated HTML
+Main title

<h1>Main title</h1>

++Subtitle <h2>Subtitle</h2>
*Bold text* <span class="BoldText">Bold text</span>
/Italic text/ <span class="ItalicText">Italic text</span>
/*Bold italic*/ <span class="ItalicText"><span class="BoldText">Bold italic</span></span>
_Underlined_ <span class="UnderlineText">Underlined</span>

-first item

-second item etc

<ul><li>first item</li><li>second item etc</li></ul>

-1first item

-1second item etc

<ol><li>first item</li><li>second item etc</li></ol>
#(newWindow= Text# <a target="_blank" href="">Link Text</a>
#(insideIframe= Text# <a href="">Link Text</a>
#( Text# <a target="_top" href="">Link Text</a>
$ShowImage$ <img src="URL of image" alt="[image]" />
$ShowThumbnail$ <img src="URL of image" alt="[image]" />


>first cell >> second cell


>first cell >> second cell


<table border="0" class="BorderOn">


<td align="left" colspan="1">first cell</td>

<td align="left">second cell<span><br></span></td>



<td align="left" colspan="1">first cell</td>

<td align="left">second cell<span><br></span></td>




To use any of the following characters: * / \ _ - $ @ # % put a \ in front of them.


Your organization's website will look different depending on your CSS styling. Learn more about CSS Styling in Spektrix iframes. The below image corresponds to the above Wikitext / HTML styling but without any CSS applied.


ShowImage or ShowThumbnail 

In the Basic Details of Events, you can upload an image. This image has to be a JPEG and cannot be bigger than 4MB. Spektrix will then use that image when you use 'ShowImage' or 'ShowThumbnail' in your WikiText.

Both Image and Thumbnail have a fixed width in pixels. If you want us to change that width dimension, please contact the Support Team.


Event ID

Some web integrations may require you to share a unique ID between the event on Spektrix and the website entry for the event in your CMS to link them together. There is also a Web Instance ID that can be set in the respective Instance level if required.

If you're not sure whether you need to set a Web Event ID, contact your web developer. More specific information on this subject can be found in our Integrations Portal.


This is the URL for the Event on your website.

This is essential to make cross-selling work neatlythis field powers the recommended event links that are presented to the customer in the basket. For more information on this topic, take a look at the Cross-Selling Links Online article. 

Tweet/Post to Facebook from checkout

You can read about our Twitter integration features here and our Facebook integration here. 


Testing your Website Content

Once you have finished inputting your content, click Preview to see how it will appear online.

If you have made any Wikitext formatting errors, Spektrix will highlight them to you and you will need to make changes before you can view the preview.

Once you are happy with your Website Content, click Save

If this item is already on sale or visible on your website, it will be updated immediately with the changes.

For more information about integrating your website with Spektrix, you can read more articles in the Integrate your website with Spektrix section of the Support Centre.