Setting Up Memberships

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In Spektrix, Memberships are items customers can purchase which can be used to make a donation to your organisation and/or to provide access to benefits, such as special discounts and Priority Booking. They can also be used as criteria in reporting or Customer Lists.

You have complete control over how much a Membership costs to purchase and to renew, how long a Membership period is, when it can be renewed, and how long a grace period to offer after it has lapsed.

Memberships can be set up to be:

  • Donation only: entirely philanthropic Memberships offer no benefits to the holder, with the entirety of the cost being a donation to your organisation; the cost of memberships with zero benefits are eligible for Gift Aid
  • Both donation and benefit:  Memberships which offer some benefits to the holder, but also include a donation to your organisation; the donation element of the membership's cost will be eligible for Gift Aid
  • Benefit only: Memberships which offer only benefits to the holder, with no donation to your organisation. Benefit only memberships are not eligible for Gift Aid (UK only).

In addition, Memberships can be set up to automatically renew.

In this article, we'll cover:

If you're looking for a guide to selling memberships, please see this article.

Setting up a Membership

Memberships are set up in Admin > Subscriptions > Memberships: To create a new Membership, click the Add button:


This will launch the Membership creator:

New membership.PNG

NOTE: all fields with a red line are required; you won’t be able to save the Membership without filling these in.

  • Name: the name of the Membership; this will be visible online (if the Membership is made available online – see the Website section below)
  • Description: though this field is optional, you might want to add some additional information here; this is only visible internally
  • Image: here you can upload an image to display against this Membership online (if this Membership is made available online – see the Website section below)
  • Image Alt Text: This box will appear once you have uploaded an image and will allow you to insert an image description for web accessibility.
  • Price: the price of the membership for new or lapsed members
  • Renewal Price: the price of the Membership if it is renewed within the renewal period; you might choose to make this less than the initial purchase price to encourage renewal, for example
  • Membership Period: the period you want the Membership to last. There are various options available to you here, of which you can select one:
    • Fixed period of years/months/days: set a Membership period of one year or longer
    • Fixed period of weeks/days: set a Membership period of less than one year
    • Fixed expiry date: set a specific date when the membership will end
    • Open ended: for Memberships which do not expire
  • Renewal period: the time in days before the Membership expires that you want to give customers to renew it
  • Grace Period: the time in days after the Membership expires that you want to allow customers to renew at the renewal price. After this period ends, customers will need to purchase a new Membership at full price
  • Tax Code: select the appropriate tax code from this dropdown
  • Active?: tick to make the Membership active and able to be purchased.
  • Giftable?: tick to allow the Membership to be purchased as a gift – see this article for more information on setting up Gift Memberships
  • Gift Aid Enabled: tick if part or all of the Membership price acts as a donation (whether you are claiming Gift Aid via Spektrix or not)
  • Benefit Amount: if you’ve ticked Gift Aid Enabled, here you can enter how much of the Membership price isn’t a donation. For Memberships that are purely philanthropic, enter 0. If you're not sure much of a Membership you can treat as a donation and how much should be listed as benefit, read the HMRC rules here or reach out to them directly for guidance
  • Fund: choose which Fund you want the donation element of the Membership to go into
  • Default Campaign: if you're using the Opportunities Interface, choose a Campaign to associate the donation element of the Membership with

Once you have filled in everything you need to on this page, click the Add button, then go to the Website tab and click Edit:


  • Displayed On Website: tick this if you want the membership to be visible online in the Memberships Iframe
  • Website Content: use this section to include copy and details of the Membership’s benefits to be displayed online. This uses Wikitext, so make sure to use the help text on the right-hand side of the pane to be sure you’re using the correct formatting

Once that’s done, click the Save button.

Setting up an Auto-Renewable Membership

If you're looking to create an Auto-Renewable Membership, you'll need to follow the instructions laid out above and, once you've saved it, edit the Membership. You'll notice there's now a new check box available, entitled Can Auto Renew?:


Ticking this allows you to make a Membership auto-renewable, provided you have everything set up to do so. See this article for more information on setting up Auto-Renewable Memberships.

Editing a Membership

If you need to make any changes to an existing Membership, including making it auto-renewable, you can easily edit it.

As before, you'll need to go to Admin > Subscriptions > Memberships. Here you'll find a list of any active Memberships you have set up, with the option to tick the View Inactive? check box and view inactive Memberships, too:


To edit a Membership, click on its name and you'll be directed to the Basic Details section:


From here, you can choose whether you want to edit information in the Basic Details, or click the Website tab to make changes here. To make any edits, click the Edit button in the bottom right-hand corner.

All Membership fields can be edited, although you should be careful editing the Tax Code field – see this article for more information on how Spektrix handles tax.

Further reading

Hopefully this article has given you everything you need in order to set up your Memberships. We'd recommend you also check out these other articles:

  • Selling Membershipsa step-by-step guide to selling, editing, and renewing Memberships
  • Auto Renewable Memberships: a guide to setting up auto renew functionality, and creating Auto-Renewable Memberships
  • Gift Memberships a guide to setting up the option for Memberships to be purchased as a gift for someone else
  • Priority Booking: a guide to setting up Priority Booking periods; Memberships can be used as eligibility criteria, allowing you to offer this as a benefit to your members
  • Intro to Offers: an introduction to Offers within Spektrix; Memberships can be used as eligibility criteria, allowing you to offer discounts as a members' perk
  • Tracking and Claiming Gift Aida guide to setting up Gift Aid tracking and claiming in Spektrix, through which you can claim Gift Aid against the donation element of a Membership 


If you have any questions about Memberships or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Support team.