Restricted Orders

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Spektrix is designed to let all Sales Users view every Order in your Spektrix system. However, there may be occasions where you want to restrict access to a particular Order, such as a large donation made by a private donor. In such cases, you can use Restricted Orders to hide this information from any unauthorised Users.

This article explains what Restricted Orders are, how you restrict them, and how they work.

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What are Restricted Orders?

A Restricted Order is an Order that can only be viewed by Users with specific permissions on their User Account.

A Restricted Order may be used for example if a private Donor has made a large Donation and you only want certain members of your team to be able to view the Order.


How do Restricted Orders work?

A Restricted Order works exactly the same way as any other Order. It will appear to all users when searching Orders and within the Customer Record, however, only authorised users will be able to view the details in the Order.

If a User who doesn’t have the correct User Permissions on their account, tries to access a Restricted Order, they’ll see the following message:


TIP: If you would like to enable Restricted Orders, contact Support, who will activate this for you.


How to Restrict an Order

There are two ways to Restrict an Order - either in the basket when performing a sale, or by searching for an existing Order, then editing it.

TIP: You can only restrict an Order if you have one or more of the Sales Administrator, Opportunities Administrator or Opportunities User Permissions on your User Account.


Restricting an Order when performing a sale

When performing a Sale, once you add tickets to the basket, you’ll see a Restricted Order checkbox in the Pre Payment Options section: 


Tick this box if you want to restrict the Order. Once the Order is confirmed, it will only be viewable by users with the correct User Permissions.


Restricting an existing Order

Any existing Orders can be Restricted by following these steps:

  1. Log into Spektrix
  2. Go to the Sales Interface
  3. Click Orders:


  4. Enter the Order number and click Search. You can also find the Order in the Customer Record:


  5. Open the Order you want to Restrict, scroll down to the Order Attributes section, then click Edit:


  6. Tick Restricted Order and click Save:



Accessing a Restricted Order as an Unauthorised User

Any User can search for an Order and it’ll appear as usual in the search results. When an unauthorised User tries to view the Order, they’ll see this message:


If a User needs to manage a Restricted Order, they’ll need to contact a User with the Sales Administrator Permission.


Restricted Orders in other parts of Spektrix

Restricting Orders limits access to orders in the Sales Interface only. Restricted Orders will still be visible in the Opportunities Interface and in any Reports. Users with access to Insights and Mailings will also be able to see any Restricted Orders in Reports.

While you may want to prevent certain Users from accessing an Order in the Sales Interface, it’s best not to remove Restricted Orders from Reports, as this will lead to incomplete data. Instead, you may wish to review which Users have access to Insights and Mailings to prevent them seeing Restricted Orders in your Reports.


You now have the information needed to restrict orders.