Merging Customer Records

Charlie Whitworth
Charlie Whitworth
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If you have found two duplicate records in your system, you might want to merge them together.

To do this:

  1. In Sales, go to the first record that you want to merge with an other.
  2. Click on the Actions button in this record and click Merge.
  3. Now search for the customer record that you want to merge the first record into.
  4. This will begin the Merge Wizard. Go through each step and choose what you want the values for the new combined record to be.

In the Merge Wizard, you can choose what you want the Data Protection statements to be, what addresses should be kept and stored and what Tags and attribute values should be kept next to the customer.

The new single record will keep all of the orders from both records and will combine any memberships, credit and Gift Aid declarations that were stored against either record will be saved for the new merged record.