Customer Groups

Harry Brett-Jones
Harry Brett-Jones
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Customer Groups are one of the CRM tools available in Spektrix, and allow you to highlight customers who fulfill certain criteria (Tags, Memberships, Attributes, etc.) so that they’re emphasised in the Sales and/or Scanning Interfaces.

Any customer meeting the criteria will be highlighted in the Sales Interface with a coloured border and a description tab to display the Criteria Group(s) they belong to.

You can use Customer Groups for all manner of purposes, both in terms of identifying customers and capturing information. Here are a few examples:

  • Identifying members who are eligible for benefits, so that box office staff know to offer a free programme etc.
  • Flagging VIPs who might require additional services.
  • Identifying customers who don’t have email addresses (based on an Auto Tag) and prompting box office staff to gather further information.
  • Highlighting potential donors to prompt box office staff to ask for donations.
  • Flagging customers with access requirements so that front of house staff can be prompted to offer assistance.

NOTE: Customer Groups only display in the Sales and Scanning Interfaces, and are not visible online.

How do I set up Customer Groups?

You can create new Customer Groups in the Admin Interface, under Customers > Customer Groups.


The Customer Groups page displays all currently-available Customer Groups, clearly showing both the name and the colour that each one uses. Click the Add button to create a new Customer Group.


The Basic details page allows you to set the essentials of how the Customer Group looks.

  • Name: the name of the Customer Group - this is what will display in both the Sales and Scanning Interfaces.
  • Description: add a description here if you need to clarify anything. This doesn’t display in the Sales or Scanning Interfaces.
  • Colour: choose a colour for the border around the Customer Group in the Sales Interface and the dot in the Scanning Interface.
  • Blink: tick this if you want the coloured border to flash, adding extra emphasis in the Sales Interface.
  • Visible in scanners: tick this if you want the Customer Group to display in the Scanning Interface.

NOTE: you may want to use the Blink functionality sparingly, as it can be very distracting.

Click the Next button to go to the Customer criteria page.


From here you can choose one or more criteria to use, by clicking on one of the different sections (Tags, Attributes, Memberships, etc.) and dragging the criteria down to the Drop criteria here section.

You can add criteria using either AND logic or OR logic.


  • If you use AND logic, customers will need to meet all of the criteria to be included. In the example above that means customers would need to have the Friend membership and the Friend Tag.


  • If you use OR logic, customers will need to meet one or more of the criteria to be included. In the example above they would need to have one of the memberships.

How do Customer Groups display in the Sales Interface?

Customer Groups appear as coloured borders around relevant customers when you make a customer search.

If a customer is part of more than one Customer Group you will see each one as a tab above the customer’s record. Hover the cursor over one of the tabs to bring it forward and display help text showing its full name.


You can choose the order in which your Customer Groups display - if a customer is in multiple groups, the highest-priority group will show first with subsequent groups in tabs.

To change the order of priority, go to Admin > Customers > Customer Groups and use the yellow up and down arrows (next to the blue pencil icons on each Customer Group) to move the Customer Groups up and down.

How do Customer Groups display in the Scanning Interface?

Any Customer Group with the Visible in scanners option selected will show up in the Scanning Interface when a customer in that group has a ticket scanned with either a Success or a Warning.

The Customer Group will show up underneath the customer’s name, with a coloured dot and the Customer Group’s name.


If the customer is in multiple scanning-enabled Customer Groups, each group will display in the Scanning Interface.


If you have any further questions regarding Criteria Groups, please get in touch with the Spektrix Support Team.