Setting Up an Ingenico Lane 3000 Chip Reader (U.S Only)

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Kellie Paz
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This article is relevant to Spektrix users in the US who take card payments in the box office.

Spektrix integrates with the Ingenico Lane 3000 Chip Reader. Chip Readers / PIN Pads require setting-up and configuring before they can be used. This article guides you through an installation step by step.

Spektrix works with Chip Cards and Tap to Pay on the Ingenico Lane 3000.

TIP: The Ingenico Lane 3000 is only available for US Clients who use Worldpay as their Payment Gateway. If you would like to discuss adding or switching to Worldpay to begin using the Ingenico Lane 3000, please contact Support.


Getting Started

You will need:

  • One Windows PC per Chip Reader (MacBooks are not compatible)
  • Administrator permissions on your PC
  • An up to date version of the Spektrix Box Office App

WARNING: Mistakes during installation can be time-consuming to rectify. Even if you’ve installed a Chip Reader before, please follow this article closely, observing any changes to the process since your last installation.

If you have not yet installed the Box Office App on your computer, please read our article Installing the Spektrix Box Office App.

When you're ready to install your Chip Reader, follow these steps:

    1. Update the Box Office App
    2. Check System Configurations
    3. Install the USB Device Driver
    4. Unbox the Chip Reader and connect your device
    5. Set up the triPOS software
    6. Modify the triPOS software
    7. Install multiple Chip Readers
    8. Register the Chip Reader with the Box Office App
    9. Connect device to your Spektrix System
    10. Test a payment


Updating the Box Office App

Make sure you have the latest version of our Box Office App as follows:

  1. Right click the Box Office App icon in the system tray
  2. Check the version of the App you see matches the latest version number shown in the Spektrix Box Office App section of our Software Downloads article.
  3. If your version number doesn't match, uninstall the App By following the steps in How To Uninstall the Box Office App.
  4. Install the latest version of the Box Office App by following the steps in How To Install the Box Office App.
    If your version number matches, proceed to the next section.



Checking System Configurations

Before you continue the installation process, there is one step which requires you to contact Spektrix Support. This is because certain system settings can only be accessed directly by our Support team.

Let us know when you have installed and updated the Box Office App, and before you connect your Chip Reader. Our team will then set up the following features in Spektrix for you:

  • Chip refunds
  • Your Chip Reader Payment Gateway
  • Chip Reader receipts

Once our team has confirmed that these System Configurations are complete, you can continue with the installation. There is no further need to contact Support to complete the installation.

Next, install the USB Drivers for your device.

Installing the USB Device Driver

Once our Support team has confirmed your system configurations are correct, download the USB Device Driver.

  • To download the USB Device Driver, follow these steps:

    1. Download the USB Device Driver from the Ingenico Lane 3000 section of our Software Downloads article.
    2. The file IngenicoUSBDrivers_setup.exe will download, either to your browser or your downloads folder.
    3. Open and run the file.

    After you have installed the drivers, open Device Manager on your computer. You can do this from the Windows Start Menu by typing ‘Device Manager’ and clicking the Device Manager icon to open it.




    TIP: You may see a message pop up asking ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device. If this happens, click Yes.

    In Device Manager, scroll down and click the ‘>’ symbol to expand Ports.



    You will now see all ports in use on your computer. This should include your Chip Reader; it may be labelled as either USB Serial Device or Ingenico Lane 3xxx.

    TIP: The default Windows driver is the USB Serial Port driver. It usually connects to COM9 but this number varies depending on how many hardware devices have previously connected to a particular PC. In the following examples, the device uses COM3.

    Right-click your Chip Reader in the list and select Update Driver.



    Next, click Browse my computer for driver software.


    From the next window, click Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.


    You will now see the name of the specified driver for your Chip Reader. Highlight the device you have just installed and click Next.


    The chip reader will now be listed in Device Manager > Ports.


    REMINDER: Once you've updated the device driver, make a note of the COM number. This is shown here as COM3 but your COM number may vary. You will need this number when installing the TriPOS software later.


Once you have downloaded the USB Device Driver, you can unbox and connect your Chip Reader.


Unboxing the Chip Reader

To connect your Ingenico Lane 3000, follow these steps:

  1. Take the Chip Reader and cables out of the box
  2. Find the long cable ending in a USB connector
  3. Connect the opposite end of this USB cable into the back of the Chip Reader
  4. Insert the USB cable into a USB port on your computer
  5. On the USB cable, you will see another short connector. Attach this to the power lead.
  6. Connect the device to a power source

Note: You may need a small Phillips head (crosshead) screwdriver in order to connect the cable on some devices.

You can watch the steps above in the following video:

TIP: You do not need the ethernet cable supplied with the device for this installation


Setting up the triPOS software

Once you have installed the driver and connected your Chip Reader, you will need to configure the device to work with Worldpay. First, install and configure the latest triPOS Software by completing each of the following sections:

  • This section explains how to download and install the latest triPOS Software.

    1. Download the triPOS Software from our Software Downloads article. The file you need will have triPOS_Setup.exe in the name.
    2. Double click the file to start the installation process. You’ll see a triPOS Setup window appear.
    3. Tick the checkbox ‘I agree to the license terms and conditions’.Tripos_tick_to_agree.jpg
    4. Click Install.

    The installation process will now begin. After installation, do not close the triPOS windows. Instead, continue immediately to the next section on how to enter the Configuration information.

  • This section explains how to enter the Configuration information for your Ingenico Lane 3000.

    Once you have installed the triPOS software, click Next to continue the setup process.


    Move through each section, clicking Next until you reach the Configuration Information window.


    In the Configuration Information window, complete each of these fields:

    • Acceptor ID (Merchant ID)
    • Account ID
    • Account Token

    You will find these details in your Worldpay Account. Go to Worldpay > Self Service > Express Credentials. 

    Once you have completed all three fields, click Next.


    Click Install to continue the installation process. In a few moments, you should see the following message indicating that the installation has completed:


    Select Finish.

    Your device will now update. After two to three minutes, the screen on your device should read ‘WELCOME!


Modifying the triPOS service

After installing the triPOS software, you will need to modify the triPOS.config file. This file contains settings for your Chip Reader.

WARNING: You need a text editor/source code editor to be able to view and edit the triPOS.config file. If you don’t already have an editor, download Notepad++ here before continuing.

  • Read this section for help modifying the triPOS.config file. This file contains the settings for your Chip Reader so it’s important that you update it correctly.

    You will usually find the triPos service and config file in one of the following folders:

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Vantiv\triPOS Service” (64 bit PCs)
    • C:\Program Files\Vantiv\triPOS Service” (32 bit PCs)

    TIP: You can check whether your computer is 32 or 64 bit here

    To modify the triPOS.config file, first, open the triPOS.config file using Notepad++. To do this, locate the file, right-click on it, select ‘open with’ and then choose Notepad++ from the dropdown list.

    The file will contain a list of specific configurations for your Chip Reader. You will often see the terms 'true' (yes) and 'false' (no) - these send basic instructions to the device; for example, if 'testMode' is set to 'true' (yes), this places the device in test mode. Changing this to 'false' (no) removes the device from test mode.


    For each field, only amend text between the > and < symbols. For example:

    • <Do Not Edit>edit here</Do Not Edit>

    WARNING: Only change the fields listed below; changing any other fields may cause your chip reader to malfunction. 

    <testMode>true</testMode> replace true with false
    <pinPadIdleMessage>Welcome to YourCompany</pinPadIdleMessage> replace YourCompany with your company name
    <allowPartialApprovals>true</allowPartialApprovals> replace true with false
    <isDebitSupported>true</isDebitSupported> replace true with false
    <isGiftSupported>true</isGiftSupported> replace true with false
    <isEmvSupported>false</isEmvSupported> replace false with true
    <driver>Null</driver> replace Null with IngenicoUpp (see tip below)

    TIP: You may see <driver> in several places within the file. You should only change the one under terminalType, with IngenicoUpp listed above it, as follows:


    <comPort>COM9999</comPort> replace COM9999 with the COM Port you noted earlier in the installation process. You can find this again in Device Manager under Ports (COM and LPT).
    <message>Welcome!</message> This will appear on your chip reader between transactions. You can change this to anything you like, or keep it as ‘Welcome!
    <transactionAmountLimit>10</transactionAmountLimit> replace 10 with 100000.

    WARNING: Before you save the file, there are two more fields you must check to make sure they match your Worldpay settings. These must match for payments to go through. They are shown below:

    <terminalId>0000009999</terminalId> replace 0000009999 with your Terminal ID.
    The Terminal ID is connected to your payment service provider. Make sure this number matches the unique Terminal ID found in your Worldpay settings.
    <serialLane description="NULL PIN pad" laneId="9999"> Make sure that laneId is set to 9999. This number must match the number in the Spektrix Box Office App.

    TIP:If your organization uses more than one chip reader, You will need to change the laneId number for any subsequent installations. See Installing multiple Chip Readers for more information.

    Once you’ve checked that all your triPOS.config file settings match the above examples, save the file

    Your device will now update again. During the update, the screen on your device will appear to reset. The process usually takes two to three minutes.

    TIP: If the device doesn’t automatically update, hold down the yellow button and the ‘0’ key on the Chip Reader for 5-10 seconds to force a restart.

Once you have modified the triPOS.config file, continue to Registering your Chip Reader

If your organization uses more than one Chip Reader, please also read Installing multiple Chip Readers.


Installing multiple Chip Readers

If your organization uses multiple chip readers, you will need to make an additional change during installation. This is to ensure that payments made on different devices at the same time, do not conflict:

  1. In the ‘Modifying the triPOS service’ section above, click on the dropdown titled ‘important instructions on modifying the triPOS software’, then find the section where laneId is ‘9999’.
  2. Give each device a unique 4 digit laneId. Choose something identifiable for each Chip Reader (e.g. 0001, 0002 etc).
  3. Keep a note of each 4 digit laneId number. You will need to enter it when you register each device with the Box Office App.
  4. It’s a good idea to physically label each Chip Reader with both its unique laneId and the Terminal name you give it in the Box Office App.


Registering your Chip Reader

Next, you need to register the Ingenico Lane 3000 with the Box Office App.

First, open the Box Office App from your system tray.

Next, select the Chip & Pin Terminal tab.



Note: The image above is for guidance only. You should enter details as follows:

  • Under the Terminal type section, select Element (Vantiv).
  • Terminal name: Choose a unique name for this chip reader. You’ll see this when selecting it in Spektrix, so make it something easy to identify).
  • Merchant name: The name of your Merchant bank - this is the bank your organization uses (Examples: Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.).
  • Address: Your organization’s address as associated with your Worldpay account - this will most likely be your organization’s physical address.
  • Lane ID: 9999 (or for multiple Ingenico Lane 3000 installations, the custom lane id for the device downloaded to each computer).
  • Config file path: The location on your computer where the triPOS config file is stored.
  • Terminal Port: 8080.

Click OK to save these changes.


TIP: If you cannot see the OK button in the App, read My App has missing buttons in Troubleshooting the Spektrix Box Office App.

Your chip reader is now registered with the Box Office App. Next, select the device in Spektrix.


Selecting Chip Readers in Spektrix

Once the Chip Reader has been registered to the Box Office App, log in to Spektrix. 

Go to the Spektrix control panel and click Change Local Settings.


In the Select BoxOffice App window, select the chip reader you registered to the App from the Select Chip Terminal section.



Once you have selected the chip reader, click OK.

Your App is now fully installed and configured and ready to make a test transaction.


Testing a payment

TIP: Test a transaction on all new Chip Readers before processing payments for customers

Once you have completed all previous sections, go to the Spektrix control panel and navigate to the Spektrix Sales Interface. Take a test payment as follows:

  1. Add an item to the basket (you can override the price to be $0.01)
  2. Select the Chip payment method
  3. Insert the payment card as instructed on the Chip Reader
  4. Confirm the payment as instructed on the Chip Reader

REMINDER: Once the test payment has completed, remember to refund the transaction

Your Chip Reader is now fully set up and ready to use.

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