Setting up a Chip Reader for use with Worldpay (formerly Vantiv)

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Chip readers (or PIN pads) aren’t ‘plug and play’ hardware - that means that unfortunately it’s not possible to just plug them into a computer and start using them straight away. They require a bit of set-up before they’re ready to use, but don’t worry - even if you never normally deal with computers or hardware, we’ll go through the process step by step.

This article covers the steps necessary to set up and install your Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) chip reader. The chip reader used is the Ingenico Lane 3000; for it to work, you’ll need to connect this device to a windows PC with the latest version of the Box Office App installed.

Even if you’ve successfully installed a chip reader before, we’d strongly recommend following this article very closely, in case there have been any changes to the process since you last completed it. Mistakes made during installation can be very difficult to rectify later, so it’s best to get it right first time!

Here’s a rough breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take to get your chip reader working:

  1. Unbox the chip reader
  2. Connect your device and install the USB Device Driver
  3. Install the triPOS software for chip reader set-up
  4. Configure the triPOS software
  5. Install the Box Office App
  6. Confirm with Spektrix Support that all necessary configurations are set

Unbox the chip reader

First of all, take the chip reader out of the box and connect the cord with the USB to the chip reader (you won’t need the ethernet cable). The cord with the USB will also have a place for the power cable to connect.

Note: You will likely need a small Phillips head screw driver to connect the cord to the device.

Connect the device to your computer and power source and then continue to the next stage.

Install the USB device driver

The next step is to download the appropriate USB Device Driver. First, connect your device by USB if you haven’t already done so. Once that’s done, you need to download the driver from the Spektrix Resources site. You can do this by clicking here.

  • The file you need to download is the latest version number of IngenicoUSBDrivers_setup.exe

Open and run the driver installer file. Once installation has completed, go into the Device Manager on your computer - open the Start Menu and type Device Manager to find this.


Locate and expand the menu option called Ports. This will list all connection points being used on your computer, and should include your chip reader in the list. The chip reader might be labelled as USB Serial Device or the device name (Ingenico Lane 3xxx).

Note: The USB Serial Port driver is the default Windows driver. Be sure to note the specific COM that you are updating, which will likely be COM9. You will need to identify this when installing the TriPOS software later.

Highlight your chip reader in the list, right click and select Update Driver.

Click Browse my computer for driver software.

You’ll then be prompted to choose one of two options:

Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.


Highlight the device from the list that you have installed and then click Next. 

At this point, you will notice that you have specified the driver to be used for your chip reader and that the name will be displayed. You’ll also see this listed on your Device Manager.  


Now that’s all done, you can move on to installing the specific Worldpay software for the chip reader.

Install the triPOS software

Once you have installed the driver, the next step is to download the triPOS Software to configure your device to work with Worldpay.

First of all, download the triPOS software from the Spektrix Resources site - you can find that here, or by going to then selecting Downloads > Chip & PIN Software > Worldpay.

  • The file you need is the latest version of triPOS_Setup.exe

Double click the file to start the installation process. You’ll see the first setup window appear:

Tick the I agree box and press Install.

On the next window, press Next to begin the setup process and move to the Configuration Information window.

Here you can add in your Merchant ID, Account ID and Account Token details, which you can find within your Worldpay Account, by going to Worldpay > Self Service > Express Credentials. Press Next to proceed to the following screen.

Press Install to begin the installation process.

Once that’s finished you should see the following message indicating that the installation has completed:

Select Finish and the process is done - your device should then update. After two to three minutes, the device should read “WELCOME!”

Configure the triPOS service

Following the installation, you need to make a few modifications to the triPOS config file.

The triPos service and config will be usually installed in one of these folders:

  • 64 bit: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Vantiv\triPOS Service”
  • 32 bit: “C:\Program Files\Vantiv\triPOS Service”

Sometimes, however, it can instead be found in a different location such as:

  • 64 bit: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Vantiv”
  • 32 bit “C:\Program Files\Vantiv”

Note: If you don't already have a text editor and source code editor installed on your computer that will allow you to view and edit this file, we recommend using Notepad++, a free text editor and source code editor that can be downloaded here. 

To make the modifications, open the file triPOS.config - this contains a list representing the specific configuration of the chip reader. For each field within this file, the only portion of text which might require amending will be between the > and < symbols. For example:


We’ve listed out below all of the fields which may need amending. Don’t change anything other than the items below as this may cause your chip reader to malfunction.

  • <testMode>true</testMode> replace true with false.
  • <pinPadIdleMessage>Welcome to YourCompany</pinPadIdleMessage> replace YourCompany with your company name.
  • <allowPartialApprovals>true</allowPartialApprovals> replace true with false.
  • <isDebitSupported>true</isDebitSupported> replace true with false.
  • <isGiftSupported>true</isGiftSupported> replace true with false.
  • <isEmvSupported>false</isEmvSupported> replace false with true.
  • <driver>Null</driver> replace Null with IngenicoUpp.
  • <comPort>COM9999</comPort> replace COM9999 with the COM Port determined earlier in this process. Make sure it reflects the port you chose when installing the device driver earlier. If you’re not sure what the port is, you can find it in Device Manager under Ports (COM and LPT).
  • <message>Welcome!</message> is the message that will appear on your chip reader when a transaction is not in process. The default is set to “Welcome!” but feel free to change this to whatever you would like. While there’s no character limit, we recommend that you keep your message short to ensure it remains on the screen.
  • <transactionAmountLimit>10</transactionAmountLimit> replace 10 with 100000.

Once you’ve ensured that your config file matches the above example, save the file. Your device will update once more - while this is happening your screen will appear to reset. The process will likely take two to three minutes.

The Box Office App

Once you have installed the driver and the triPOS software, you will need to make sure you have the correct version of the Box Office App installed.

To find out which version of the Box Office App your computer is using, head to the Settings Interface in Spektrix and go to Configuration > Spektrix App where you’ll see a list of all of the Box Office Apps currently installed and connected to your Spektrix system. 

Look for your computer under the Name column, then check the Version column to see which App you’re using. If your computer has version 2.4.12503.0 of the Box Office App installed then you can skip this section; otherwise follow the steps below to ensure you have the latest version.

Installing the Box Office App

You can download the latest version of the Box Office App by going to and then Downloads > Box Office App. Select the latest version within that folder of Spektrix App.msi to prompt the download.

After downloading, you will need to install and register the Box Office App following the same process when configuring a printer. Have a read of Understanding and Installing the Box Office App for the full details on this setup process.

Once registered, open the Box Office App and select the Chip & Pin Terminal tab to fill in the terminal details.

Under the Terminal type section make sure you select Element (Vantiv) and then fill in the Terminal Settings fields:

  • Terminal name: The name that you would like this pinpad to use (you’ll see this when selecting it in the Box Office App, so make it something easy to recognise)
  • Merchant name: The name of your Merchant bank
  • Address: Your organization’s address associated with your Worldpay account
  • Lane ID: 9999
  • Config file path: The location on your computer where the triPOS config file is stored
  • Terminal Port: 8080

Select OK to save these changes, and your App should now be fully installed and configured.

Confirm setup with Spektrix 

Once the previous steps have all been completed, get in touch with the Spektrix Client Success team to let us know. We’ll then ensure that all of the necessary system configurations have been set for you. Once we’ve confirmed that the chip reader functionality has been turned on for your system, you will be able to process payments using the chip reader.


If you have any other questions about the chip reader installation process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Client Success team.

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